Sacred Songs of India: Devotional Lyrics of Mystics of India - Vol. V

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Author: V.K. Subramanian
Language: Hindi Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8170174015
Pages: 275
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket:

The Sacred Songs of India Volume Five, like its predecessor volumes, encompasses selections from the lifework of ten mystic poet-saints of India.

The mystic poet-sages included in this volume lived between the 7th and 19th centuries and came from such diverse regions of India as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab, Maharashtra and Bengal.

They are: Perialwar, the doyen of Alwars, Tirujnanasambandhar, the Saivite spiritual prodigy, Mahadevi Akka, the Veerasaivite Karnataka saint, Vallabhacharya, the Vaishnavite saint, who founded the pushti marga in the Bhakti cult, Dadu Dayal, the Muslim saint who sang of the love-sports of Lord Krishna, Poontanam and Narayana Bhattadiri, the two Kerala contemporary saints who sang of the glory of the Deity in the Guruvayoor temple of Kerala, Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru, Samartha Ramadas, the Maharashtra saint who was a contemporary of Shivaji and Ramprasad Sen, the Sakta saint of Bengal who poured out his burning devotion to divine Mother in simple songs, sung even today all over Bengal.

They sang in different languages: Tamil, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, and Bengali. But all of them sang of the glory of God, with whom each had an intense spiritual communion.

This precious spiritual legacy bequeathed by the mystics of India will be a perennial source of inspiration for all scholars of Indology and a limitless repertoire for the artists in the fields of music, dance, drama and ballet.

About the Author:

Vadakaymadom Krishna Iyer Subramanian (b. 1930, Kerala, India) is an eminent scholar, whose life mission is to present to the world the treasures of ancient India, in the fields of art, literature, philosophy and religion.

He has already translated several ancient texts into English.

These include: Saundaryalahari, Sivanandalahari, Sacred Songs of India, Maxims of Chanakya and Sri Rudraprasna.

As a consultant for holistic health and spiritual development, he has spelt out the Hindu regimens in this regard in his popular book: The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony.

Subramanian's prolific literary output covers a variety of subjects ranging from astrology to art. He has been an astropalmic counselor for over 35 years.

A retired officer of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service (which he joined in 1953), Subramanian is also a reputed painter, who has held 22 one-man shows and whose paintings (some of them in the Chandigarh Museum) have won wide acclaim from leading art critics of India.

Subramanian who has traveled extensively in India, now lives in the United States of America.




  Acknowledgements 9
  Introduction 11
1. Songs of Perialwar (6th-7th Century A.D.) - 10 Songs 15
2. Songs of Tirujnanasambandhar (7th Century A.D.) - 10 Songs 39
3. Songs of Mahadevi Akka (12th Century A.D.) - 10 Songs 63
4. Songs of Vallabhacharya (1479A.D. - 1532A.D.) - 10 Songs 87
5. Songs of Dadu Dayal (1544A.D. - 1603A.D.) - 10 Songs 125
6. Songs of Poontanam (1547A.D. - 1640A.D.) - 10 Songs 151
7. Songs of Narayana Bhattadiri (1560A.D. - 1655A.D.) - 10 Songs 175
8. Songs of Guru Arjan Dev (1563A.D. - 1606A.D.) - 10 Songs 199
9. Songs of Samartha Ramadas (1608A.D. - 1681A.D.) - 10 Songs 223
10. Songs of Ramprasad Sen (1723A.D. - 1803A.D.) - 10 Songs 249


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