Sanatan Dharm and the Way to God

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Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni
Publisher: Life Mission Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789384179038
Pages: 258
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

This exquisite gem of a book will prove a priceless boon to spiritual seekers and aspirants, irrespective of age, gender, nationality, or creed. For those who read it and put its teaching into practice, it will be a profound life-changing experience; for it addresses the timeless and eternal existential questions that have troubled making since the beginning of time and unerringly points the reader to they want to god and the fulfillment of the purpose of human life. For this, it draws on the Sanatan Dharma, the eternal religion on India, the oldest faith in the World, and on a set of spiritual principles tested and revalidated on the anvil of the experience of two great practicing yogis of modern times: the author himself, and his Guru, Swami Kripalavanandji (1913-1981). With great simplicity and clarity that characterize all of the Author’s works, on matter how complex the subject, it explains what is Dharma and how it may be practiced. In the latter dimension, through an enchanting parable of a Lapwing battling the Mighty Ocean, it highlights the important of endeavour or effort in life’s journey towards its ultimate goal. This beautiful work will be greatly cherished by those who read it.

About the Author

Swami Rajarshi Muni was born on 11th February, 1931, in Porbandar, in western Gujarat, in the princely lineage of the Jadeja rules of Kutch. He received sannyas initiation in February 1971 and thereafter devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded Yoga sadhana of the khechari mudra expounded and practiced in the modern spiritual tradition of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eight incarnation of Lord Shiv, in which he is the present spiritual head. In 1993, in response to a spiritual calling, he temporarily interrupted his self-imposed seclusion undertake a worldwide campaign to spread the knowledge of Yoga and the moral, cultural spiritual values of the Sanatan (eternal) Indian heritage. He resumed secluded sadhana in 2007 to complete his Yoga and establish the authenticity of the principle of the indestructible Divine Body, on which he has written with profound clarity and authority based on personal practice experience. He is an advanced yogi, a realized Master in the classic mould of Indian adepts, knower of the kundalini and master of the khechari mudra. The extraordinary heights he attained in his Yoga practice establish him firmly as the latest addition to the lineage of perfected masters which has long embellished the Indian spiritual tradition.


I. Sanatan Dharm  
What is Dharm? 1
The Saniitan Dharm of India 1
Saniitan Dharm is the Oldest 2
The Metaphysics of Saniitan Dharm 4
Two Aspects of Dharm - Philosophical and Practical 5
Saniitan Dharm Means Vedic Dharm 7
Hindu Dharm or Saniitan Dharm? 8
Capacity of Saniitan Dharm to be a World Dharm 9
Characteristics of Saniitan Dharm 11
Practice of Dharm Certain to Yield Auspicious Results 15
Essential to Accumulate Dharm 16
Our Conduct Should Be Correct 21
Our Conduct Should be as Counseled by Great Souls 23
The 'Shatkarmas' (Six Karmas) of Dharm 25
Behave Towards Another As You Would Wish Him to Behav Towards You 26
Protect Your Character 27
The Characteristics of Dharm According to the Purans 28
Uniqueness of Santan Dharma 32
That Which Turns Us towards God is the True Way 33
Why Has the True Way Been Forgotten? 34
How to Walk the True Way 35
Progr ss of the Soul Not Possible Without Dharm Purusharth 36
Do Not Delay in Practicing Dharm purusharth' 37
Arth and Kiim Too Should Be Consistent With Dharm 39
The Pravritti (Activity) and Nivritti (Renunciant) Paths in Sanmarg 40
Dharm Purusharth Characterised by Pravritti 41
Who Shall Show the Sanmarg? 43
M6ksh Purushiirth Characterised by Nivritti 44
Summary 47
II. Five Steps to God  
Ultimate Progress of Human Life - God-realization 49
Shraddhii (Faith) 50
Sattvic, Rajasic and Tiimasic Shraddha 51
Agyan (ignorance) is the Cause of Ashraddha (lack of faith) 53
Bhakt Prahlad -Example of Ideal Shraddha 54
Faith in Guru 55
Example of Faith in Guru 56
Samyam (Restraint) 59
Humorous Example of Pretended Samyam 59
Example of Sage Ribhu and Nidadh 60
Three Categories of Samyam 62
Jivanmukti through Highest Samyam 62
Necessity of Siddha Guru for Attaining Highest Samyam 63
Example of Sant Namdev 64
Medium and Ordinary Samyam 71
Example of the Magic Mirror 71
Sadachdr (Right Conduct) 75
Example of Mutual Right Conduct 76
Example of Ingratitude in Return for Kindness 80
The Good Do Not Leave Right Conduct and the Bad Do Not Leave Bad Conduct 85
Ways to Right Conduct 95
Seva (Service) 97
Categories of Seva 98
Shravankumar, Devotee of His Parents Sadhana 113
Essential Onalities for Ontstanrlinc Sadhana 115
Medium Sadhana 118
Ordinary Sadhana 120
Summary 124
III. Trio of Principles for the Spiritual Practitioner  
Part 1  
My Guru's Teaching 126
Guru's Grace Received by Observing Rules 127
Attainment of Sanmiirg (Right Path) By Putting Guru's Teachings to Practice 130
Significance of Practice in the Trio of Principles 131
First Principle: Chittashuddhi: Purity of Consciousness 134
Second Principle: Ahar-shuddhi: Purity of Diet 136
Third Principle: Brahmcharya: Celibacy 139
Necessity of Guru's Guidance on the Sddhanii Path 142
Sadhak Must Be Qualified 143
How to Become Qualified? 145
Significance of Indriyanigrah (Restraint of Senses) in Sadhana 146
Choose Between Preya and Shreya 147
Sadhak Becomes Satttvic (Cleansed) Due to Progress in Sadhana 149
Importance of Seclusion in Sadhana 150
Progress in Siidhanii According to Capacity and Interest 153
Summary 154
Part 2  
Ahar-shuddhi: Purity of Diet 156
Example of Rajoguni Ahar 157
What is Mitdhdr? 166
Need to Become Triguniitit (Transcend the Three Gun as ) to Attain Moksh 169
What to Do to Conquer Tamoguna? 171
The Arithmetics of the Gunas 172
Chittashuddhi: Purification of Consciousness 172
Practice of Brahmcharya 174
Example of Indra and Virochan 175
IV. The Four Endeavours  
1: Four Endeavours for Humans 182
2: Arth and Kiim Purushiirth 187
3: Why Dharm and Moksh Purushiirth 194
4: Dharm Purushiirtb 204
5: M6ksh Purushiirth 211
V. Which is Superior - Destiny or Effort?  
Riddle: Which is Superior - Prarabdha (Destiny) or Purushiirth (Endeavour)? 217
Both Seem to Be Important 217
Various Types of Fruits of Actions (Karma) 218
Enjoyment or Suffering Resulting from Actions 218
God Determines the Fruits of Actions 219
Meaning and Influence of Destiny 220
Apsarii (Celestial Damsel) Vapu and the Sons of Sage Sukrush 221
Everything is Within the Power of Destiny 225
Example of Gautami 226
Endeavour and Destiny Are Closely Related 229
Unfortunate Kanakdas - Illustration 230
Destiny Is Unalterable 231
Endeavour without Destiny Proves To Be Futile 232
Both Endeavour and Destiny Have Great Influence 235
A Male Lapwing's Great Endeavour - Illustration 236
Rise or Progress Is Impossible Without Endeavour 242
A King with Faith and Endeavour Who Deferred Death 244
Ill Fate Can Be Deflected By Endeavour 247
Example of Sati Savitri 248
Summary 250

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