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Satyatma Sudha (An Anthology of Lectures by Shri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji)

Satyatma Sudha (An Anthology of Lectures by Shri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji)
Item Code: NAM397
Author: E. D. Narahari
Publisher: Vishwa Madhwa Maha Parishat, Bangalore
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788190333627
Pages: 157
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch

The onslaught of western lifestyles and cultures on modern youth of our country is causing great damage to our ancient wisdom and social structures. Since a very long time, our society has preserved its hoary traditions and practices with great respect to God's gifts such as our holy rivers and mountains and herbal resources. Our elders taught us to imbibe a healthy outlook towards our traditional practices and lifestyles. We were taught to develop a spiritual outlook of life and to look upon God as the Supreme Being who would take care of us like a father taking care of his children.

But over the years, especially after the advent of alien cultures sneaking into our social fabric, the young men and women were enamored by their materialistic.

Outlook and tried to imitate them in all spheres of social life. Lack of proper leadership in the field of spiritual education tended to make them forget their roots and indulge in socially harmful habits.

But such a situation is gradually changing. A new crop of spiritual leaders have emerged and a sudden transformation of the younger generation has become visible. We must be grateful to pontiffs like Shri Stayatma Tirtha Swamiji for this kind of revolution.

Shri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji is an ardent champion of the Dwaitha School propounded by Shri Madhwacharya and through his tours around the country has propagated the tenets extolled by Madhwacharya, at the same time, exhorting the people to take the path of Dharma and righteousness. The present booklet is an anthology of 24 of his erudite lectures which deal with various aspects of life with a special bearing on the esoteric and abstruse factors. Kantesha Kadaramandalagi, a very enthusiastic student of our Vidya Peetha, took great pains to collect the gists of these lectures and brought it out in the form of a booklet entitled "Satyatma Sudha" in Kannada. It was great success and many people read and enjoyed the contents. In order that more number of people may get the benefit of the erudite wisdom of the Swamiji, I requested Shri E.D. Narahari, a retired scientist of the Geological Survey of India and a devotee of or Math, to translate it into English. He did it in a record time and to the satisfaction of the Swamiji.

I congratulate Shri Narahari for this fine effort and pray Hari Vayu Gurugalu to bless him with good health and long life so that he can continue his activities for some more time to come.




i Benediction v
ii Guru Vandane (in Kannada) vi
iii Foreword vii
iv A few thoughts (Translated) ix
v An Insight (Translated) xii
vi To the Reader xx
vii List of Lectures xxiii
viii Nectar Drops - 1-24 1


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