The Secret of Liberation (Secret of Achievement)
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The Secret of Liberation (Secret of Achievement)

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Item Code: NAH717
Author: Swami Vidyaprakasananda
Publisher: Sri Sukabrahmashramam, Srikalahasti
Language: English
Edition: 2008
Pages: 539
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Caught in the fetters of samsara, experiencing birth, death, oldage and disease, Jiva will be aspiring to escape from them and to attain the sorrowless state. He would always be longing to get freedom from the bonds. He would always be desiring that even an iota of sorrow should not come to him. But he is only getting rid of the mental and physical afflictions by external remedies temporarily and not obtaining the extreme state of sorrowlessness. He is not thinking of where everlasting bliss would be available. Doing penance for al long time, practising meditation, the sages, who became worthy of God's grace and favour, knowing where that mine of bliss is in the world, they also found out the way to reach it. Immediately after realizing it, they declared it to the world fully.

o people! Who are embodiments of nectar, we have found out the dazzling divinity that is on the other side of darkness That is the abode of liberation. You also know about it. Knowing so, get freedom from the fetters of samsara immediately. Those great sages are saying so with compassion. They have shown several ways and clues to reach that abode of bliss in the Upanishads and other spiritual texts. They are serving immensely as torches to those traveling in the path of liberation.

Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Sri Sri Sri vidya prakashananda Giri Swamiji, the founder of Sri Sukhabrahma Ashram at Sri Kalahasti authored the great works like Gita Makarandam (The nectar of Gita) and Yoga Vasishtam in Telugu and did great service to the people of Andhra Pradesh and also rendered still more good by writing this Magnum opus revealing easily the path of liberation.

In the 20 Chapters of this great work, not onIy explaining the essential aspects required for the spiritual practicants, but also many methods to conquer the opposing forces that cause obstruction to attain liberation have been clearly explained. So this book will be of great help to the seekers of liberation. In the last chapter of this book, many authentic proofs relating to liberation have been quoted. The teachings of experienced and realized great souls will give courage to the practicants of liberation. The seekers of liberation, reading this book well, practising the methods explained in it, experiencing the witnessing of Atman, may make their lives blissful.

As this book "Moksha Saadhana Rahasyam" written in easily understandable Telugu, by the great Mahatma. Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Sri Sri Sri Vidya Prakasha nanda Giri Swamiji is highly useful to the seekers of liberation and as some people wanted this great work to be translated into English, we are publishing it after getting it translated. The English Translator of this work, Sri Nynaru Appaswamy, is a Post graduate in Philosophy. He gained spiritual knowledge by reading several Vedantic works. Acceding to our request immediately he translated the work into simple English. We are thankful to him. May the great preceptor, saints and the paramatman shower ability on him to render such spiritual service and attain extreme peace.

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