Secrets of Kundalini Awakening

Secrets of Kundalini Awakening

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Author: Ravinder Kumar & Jytte Larsen
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The universe has seven divisions and the human consciousness has seven levels which correspond to seven chakras in the human body. Accordingly an aspirant of self realisation passes through the seven levels of existence physical astral, mental intuitional atmic or spiritual monadic and nirvanic or divine. The first level of realisation is that the aspirant is a dimensionless of awareness called the atman soul or spirit. The soul is eternal and has infinite potentialities.

This book provides a possible proof of the above statements based on the findings of various faiths and organizations coupled with the personal experiences of the author after he witnessed the awakening of his Kundalini. It also presents various methods prevalent in the world today for opening the gateways to a higher consciousness.

Last but the most important chapter of this book deals with the secrets of Kundalini awakening. A balanced and scientific combination of various yogic disciplines called the Integral Path is presented in all its details so that an average aspirant can practice it without the help of a guru. It is proposed to be the shortest path to god and the results can be achieved in a single lifetime if everything goes well.

About the Author

Dr. Ravindra Kumar obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Delhi and post doctoral research at Lancaster University, UK and Imperial College London UK. Meditating regularly form early childhood he experienced the awakening of his Kundalini in 1987. since then he has published about a dozen papers in the field of religion and psychical research based on his personal experiences with the paranormal. Dr. Kumar is a prolific writer and has authored three book in this direction Secrets of Numerology (1992). Destiny Science and Spiritual Awakening (1997) and Kundalini The Journey Back to our true home (1998). His approach is in confirmation with the ancient Vedic teachings and findings of various Masters. He has been conducting workshops in United states and has at present centers at three places New Delhi Copenbagen and Florida.

Jytte Larsen a member of Kundalini Network in Copenbagen experienced the awakening of her Kundalini in the year 1992. her experiences have been published in the quarterly bulletins of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and quantum Soul.


In the course of my spiritual study, I have had marked episodes of activated Kundalini energy. When they first occurred, there was little in the way of literature to place these experiences into a meaningful context in my life. Even today, despite more research, this important part of our consciousness is not fully appreciated. That’s why Dr. Ravindra Kumar’s Secrets of Kundalini Awakening is such a significant work; it explains the nature of Kundalini, why it is important, and how any person; an bring its benefits into his or her life. In the process of enlightening ourselves, we contribute mightily to the enlightenment of the soul of global humanity. Our ability to evolve as human beings and as souls, our ability to unite with God our ability to leave behind forever hate, war and terrorism, tribe facilitated — even determined by Kundalini.

This energy of enlightenment resides within each and every one of use, often dormant until we make the choice to seek unity it God. In our ensuing spiritual study and practice, we awaken the sleeping power within, and we are profoundly changed physically mentally and spiritually. The hallmarks of Kundalini are phenomena such as surges of electricity in the body detachment from the body intense heat and fire buzzing sounds a feeling of being in the presence of God and awareness of spiritual presences such as angels. More important however are the benefits that lie beyond the phenomena creativity genius enhanced well being longevity and most significant of all enlightenment.

Experience of Kundalini have been recorded around the world since ancient times. Kundalini is the divine fire of God and the gods, the Samadhi of adepts, the raptures of saints, the healing power that floods through the hands of healers, the inspiration of invention, the intense happiness of a peak experience. The average person may think that Kundalini belongs only to those whose spiritual practice elevates them into a rarified atmosphere of consciousness, but this is not so. Kundalini is universal, available to all. Anyone who prays or meditates regularly is likely, at some point, to feel the power of Kundalini.

My own experiences resulted from spiritual study, meditation and intuitive/psychic development. Not knowing much about Kundalini in the beginning, I initially viewed these experiences as isolated episodes. As I learned more about Kundalini, I realized the importance of understanding its role in the development of consciousness, and of encouraging it to become more active in a gradual and productive manner.

Some years ago, I was privileged to meet Dr. Ravindra Kumar and become familiar with his work. Dr. Kumar is a man of great spiritual depth, knowledge and wisdom. Through his years of study and spiritual practice, he has to come into an understanding of Truth that he shares in the jewels of many works. This book, Secrets of Kundalini Awakening is a crown gem. Dr. Kumar weaves together Western and Eastern philosophy, religion, esotericism, mysticism, science and psychology, to explain from different viewpoints, the nature of the soul and the nature of reality. From his own experience, he has developed the Integral Path, a practical way for the spiritual seeker to open Kundalini and develop spiritual consciousness. Specific instructions and exercises are given throughout.

The more we know about Kundalini and how to bring in into flower within us, the more we will benefit from it, both as individuals and as part of the collective soul of humanity. Kundalini furthers our wordless understanding of the nature of creation, our part in the whole of all things, and our ultimate unity with God.


There is an ocean of knowledge available in the findings of various faiths and organizations some of which have been actively searching for truth for the past several millenniums and some for many centuries. I consider it a pity that the so called modern researchers engage themselves in an independent research from scratch without looking into the knowledge that already exits elsewhere. In my opinion the best approach would be to blend one’s efforts with existing results from any source without any prejudice and with an open mind. Each religion each guru or each master considers its or his own path to be the only true one and talks negatively about others. If one looks carefully one may find that the same thing may be called by a different name in another sect and if discerned properly it can tremendously enrich one’s own findings. Further some it will provide greater authenticity of one’s finding and own would be confident of one’s results.

According to Hindu scriptures The Egyptian’s Book of the dead. The Tibetan’s book of the dead. The theosophical society and the teachings of great souls such as Buddha Jesus and Mohammed the universe has seven divisions physical etheric, astral, mental or psychic, spiritual cosmic and nirvanic. Human an consciousness is found to pass through he same seven levels, which are related to the seven chakras the body, on its evolutionary journey to God. There maybe some difference in arrangements according to different faiths, and certainly there are different names according to corresponding vocabularies. These levels also agree, more or less, with modern diverse authorities, such as Sri Aurobindo,Carl Jung, Osho Rajneesh and Martinus. I would further confirm their authenticity with my own experiences through meditation over the years. With the awakening of kundalini,one passes through these stages systematically. Witnessing the soul or atman as a dimensionless point of existence or awareness, experiencing God or the Absolute in one’s cherished form and finally a connection with the Great Voidor Nothingness — they all happen in a subjective way. There comes a “point of no return" where one has to be very careful so as not to lose one’s physical existence forever.

This book is an Endeavour to present all these facts, to discuss various methods of achieving cosmic consciousness and to suggest a “short path” for the awakening of kundalini. The journey to God has to be made alone, and the “Integral”, which is based on the classical methods and coupled with a scientific combination, can bring results in a single lifetime. If one takes the old proverb seriously: “The man who reads is the man who leads”, I can say for sure that one; does not need a physical guide and one receives even shaktipat directly from God of course at the proper time.

If one is looking for a single factor which is responsible for an individuals genius outstanding performances in any walk of life such as art sports, drama, music, science, war, occult sciences, philosophy of life, understanding of higher laws, paranormal faculties or being a spiritual adept of the order of a saint then it is the spiritual Energy Kundalini Ordinarily this power is asleep at the base of the spine, and the person is known to be an average or ordinary individual; but when this power awakens, either by accident or by sustained special efforts, then the individual is known for the “extraordinary” in him/her from that time onwards. It is the power of kundalini, which is known to be active in most of the outstanding personalities in different fields and in different parts of the world from time immemorial.

In my first book, Secrets of Numerology (1992), I attempted to show that the destiny of an individual is fixed even before he/she takes birth; events simply unfolding one by one, without any control of the person on them, as if one is a puppet in the hands of some mysterious power some wherein the universe. Great personalities, such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Julius Caesar, Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, all knew inadvance intuitively about their imminent death and even the manner of dying, as stated in their own speeches; yet, they could not avoid their assassinations and the requirement of the destiny was fulfilled in each case. A method of knowing one’s nature and destiny in full detail through one’s name and date of birth is presented in the book.

My second book, Destiny, Science and spiritual awakening (1997) shows that the laws of science also equally apply to the human nature. Thus, Newton’s second law of motion — everybody continues in a state of rest or uniform motion except in so far as it is compelled by some external force to change that state — also applies to the human destiny. The average person lives the destiny fixed in his life, unless the 'external force’ of ‘spiritual awakening’ is applied to the course of life. A person has seven centers of energy in his body; when the kundalini, on awakening, crosses the third centre, the individual starts having some hold on the events of his life. As the kundalini crosses further centers of energy the aspirant becomes the master of his own life and one can shape the events of his life according to his liking. In India, there is a common saying, “A yogi makes his own destiny.” Spiritual awakening leads to inner peace, understanding of higher laws and finally to Self-realisation and understanding of God. The chain of death and rebirth is broken once and for all, and the person lives a liberated life on earth.

In the third book, journey Back of Our True Home —Thoroughly Spiritual Energy Kundalini (1998), I have tried to show that kundalini is the common denominator in all religions or faiths, although the process is known by different names and the vocabulary has different terms according to different traditions and beliefs. A married person is more successful on the path of Self—realisation than a single person, since he/she has a direct encounter with the five enemies — greed, lust, anger, attachment and ego. With the passage of kundalini through each of the seven centers, the personality of the aspirant is gradually transformed and developed towards spiritual perfection. Powers of speech, rejuvenation and love for humanity are attained in the course. One passes through the three stages of “inner turmoil, death and resurrection”. As per Lord Jesus Christ, “Only the Twice Born will enter the Kingdom of God", and this is the experience lived by a person whose kundalini is awakened. Regular guidance comes through dreams, according to the theory of Carl Gustav Jung. Before the awakening of the kundalini, the soul tries to return to earth as apparitions or as proper births through the womb of a mother because of the extraction of worldly things and relations. However, after the awakening, the soul’s chain of reincarnations is broken and It proceeds to higher realms for a better life and further lessons;: the path of God. A hierarchy of higher planes is also given, through which the soul gradually passes. The Integral Path, which is a scientific combination of all systems of yoga, is presented, following which a householder can live the best possible life on earth and yet reach the Kingdom of God.

The present book, which is the fourth in the series, is an attempt to elaborate upon the knowledge of the universe and the Soul, and various methods which can be used for the awakening of kundalini. According to Jiddu Krishnamurti, no two persons have the same fingerprints; and as such, no two persons will have the same method for the awakening of kundalini. However, the adepts have laid down different procedures and it is for the individual to choose the best suited method of oneself Guidance comes from the nature and the “Inner Satguru” from time to time — but only to that person who jumps into the path with a strong determination and with full “faith and surrender” to God Almighty.

The experiences of the soul in the universe can only be had after the death of the physical body. Nevertheless, there is a way to have these experiences before the physical death —and that is through the awakening of the kundalini. A person with an awakened kundalini sees the universe regularly as visions and out—of—body experiences. Thus, such a person experiences life after death even before dying. In fact, meditation takes an aspirant through the trio of “inner turmoil, death and resurrection”, since the successful stage of meditation is an experience of death while still living in this physical body The knowledge of beyond inspires the person to live the righteous kind of physical life on earth because then he knows that this life is not the end of everything. Grief sorrow and torture are the results of the wrong belief that there is only one life; and because of that, the person tries to run as fast as he can to optimize the results in shortest possible time, one way or the other. Once the truth is known, the anxiety is over, peace pervades and the person lives a life which is good here and which also paves the way for a good life after death. Now he is ready to show the way to others byway of speaking, writing and providing guidance through definite steps to achieve results. Though one cannot tell the experiences, yet one can show the way about how to reach there oneself.

A description of the universe is presented in Chapter I which is based on the findings of various faiths, religions and organizations for several millenniums. The common finding is that there are seven divisions from the most gross physical plane on which we live to the highest realm of the Absolute: Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Knowledge—Bliss). Knowledge in greater details has been available for the three lower planes— physical, astral and mental while the journey beyond through higher planes is more abstract. The astral and the mental planes have been elaborated upon well and these two planes are in fact the immediate concern of the people. For example, the life of a person after committing suicide, and the life of an average developed person, have specific divisions on the astral plane. The former goes to the lowest division, while the latter goes to the third division, called the simmer land". The lower division of the mental plane is the 'heaven” of various religions while the upper division is the causal place where a causal body is formed for the first time around the soul.

In Chapter 2, an understanding of the soul or atman according to religion and also by way of science. Thoughts of two great thinkers, Sri Aurobindo and Jung, are presented on the subject, and it is shown that both of them; arrived at a similar conclusion, although they differed completely in their approach. This gives strength to the definition of atman which is further supported by true life cases illustrating the power of soul. A horizontal living is necessary for existence while a vertical living is required fro getting to the knowledge of the soul. Scientific evidence in compared with the otherwise known properties of the soul known already through religion and personal experiences of yogis or saints.


Foreword vii
Preface x
1The Universe 1
i) Introduction
ii) The Universe
iii) Hell and Heaven
iv) Reality Beyond Seen personally
v) Near Death Experiences
vi) Death of the Physical body
vii) The Astral plane
viii) Accidental Death and Suicide
ix) The Mental Plane
2The Soul or Atman43
i) Introduction
ii) Religion and science
iii) Subliminal of Sri Aurobindo and Collective Unconscious of jung
iv) Experiences of Sri Aurobindo
v) Experiences of Carl Jung
vi) Experiences of Savitri
vii) Experiences of William words worth
viii) Experiences of Saint Asaramaji
ix) The Horizontal and the vertical
x) True Life cases illustrating the powers of the soul
xi) Scientific Evidence
xii) Conclusion
xiii) The Phenomenon of Identification
3Transformation and Kundalini 106
i) Planes of Inner Reality
ii) Spiritual Dynamics and Kundalini
iii) The Kundalini
iv) Method of Individuation
v) Method of Transformation
vi) Philosophy of Martinus
4Gateways to Higher Consciousness 130
i) Introduction
ii) The Vedic Method
iii) The Method of Dreams
iv) Symbols and their Meanings
v) Anima
vi) Animus
vii) Near Death Experience
viii) Through Crisis and Suffering
ix) Through Sexual Energy
x) Other Methods
5Secrets of Kundalini Awakening 221
i) Introduction
ii) The Integral Path
iii) Elements of Integral Path
iv) Details of the Method
v) The Awakening of Kundalini
vi) Transformation and New Birth through Nadis and Chakras
vii) The Nadis
viii) The Chakras
ix) Conclusion and Suggestions
x) The Point of No Return
Last words 265
Bibliography 271
Glossary 278
Index 286
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