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Secrets of Numerology - A Complete Guide for The Layman to Know The Past, Present and Future

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Author: Ravindera Kumar
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9789394201255
Pages: 298
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Book Description

About the Book

Numerology, the science of numbers, is based on the theory that each number has special characteristics that can influence the personality and destiny of an individual. In numerology, your name is an important clue to your character. You can change your name, or perhaps just the spelling of your name, and thereby change the course of your life. Of all the sciences of prediction, numerology is the easiest to learn and the simplest to practise. An aid to the study of character and personality, it helps you to lead life more successfully, avoiding the pitfalls. Secrets of Numerology, based on true-life cases, unfolds the Indian system of this occult science. It will enable you to make your own numerical chart and analyse your character, know your past, present and future, and your right vocation. It will help you achieve happiness and success, be it in love, marriage or business. And isn't that what we all want?

About the Author

Dr. Ravindra Kumar, a Ph.D. from I.I.T., Delhi in 1968 continued post-doctoral research at universities at Lancaster and London, U.K., and taught Mathematics in about ten countries. Through (sustained) astanga yoga his Kundalini awakened in 1987 in Zimbabwe. After several books in Maths he wrote twenty books on Kundalini and life after death. He published about thirty research papers in Maths and then about fifteen in spirituality and paranormal studies in U.S.A. He is a trustee of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Research, USA, and founder President of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul. He has been professor and head of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Dept. at Hindu University of America at Florida/Orlando, USA. He has successfully initiated a large number of selected practitioners around the world who got their Kundalini awakened and realised the Self/God.


Interest in discovering the hidden rules of nature and cosmos begins in a certain life time and it comes to surface in black and white at a certain stage of maturity. After a constant persuasion through several incarnations one gets the revelation in different ways and forms. When the third eye is opened one can see his/her previous incarnations in a row and understand the mystical unfoldment of the self. This is how Paul Twitchell, the leader of Eckankar and J. Krishnamurti, the world teacher prepared by Annie Besant and Leadbeater could clearly see their associations with the old master Pythagoras several life times ago. Later they received initiations from other Gurus till they reached the life in which they got the realisation of the truth. Our souls remember all past associations and that is why we love and adore some ancient personalities without explainable reasons. We appreciate their work and further their studies with our own giving them a new shape. Pythagoras was an all round personality with a two-fold and numerological. On one side he realised the self as a soul, heard the 'music of spheres' and achieved liberation from falsehood. On the other side he saw the Universe connected with numbers and formed the 'science of numbers' for the analysis of character, past, present and future. However, in the state of realisation one can see his/her own 'akashic records' of the patterns of lives, and for that matter the records of others' lives too, if and when interested. But the reading of akashic records is always for the purpose of spiritual development. As for the reading connected with worldly matters one has to resort to the approximate methods of calculation like astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot cards, shadow reading and so on. By whatever method the reading is made the results are more or less congruent. A natural question asked by several people is-'for how long have I been interested in this field.' My answer is since childhood, as far as this life time is concerned. I used to meditate for about fifteen minutes from the time I used to go to school. Suddenly I started meditating for several hours a day during my lonely life in Africa since the year 1981. I got experience with the 'Kundalini' in the year 1987 when I was at the University of Zimbabwe. Soon after that I started writing in two directions- Spiritually and Numerologically. Accordingly, two books were accomplished, one being named Destiny, Science and Spiritual Awakening, the other, Secrets of Numerology. The first one deals with the spiritual side while the second one is the present volume. My interest was initially in palmistry until I came across some books on Numerology in an old book shop around British Museums in London during 1973. And suddenly I was so deeply engrossed in the study as if a lost treasure was found by me. Eventually, I started making Numerical Charts for friends and relatives and continued to get the feedback from them. However, for the last thirty years I have been working almost as a professional wherever I lived in Europe, Middle East, Africa or India. My special attention was focused on the 'Event Number' which described precisely what is happening to you at present. With the same precision you can know about the past few years and the coming few years. I had a very absorbing life in this direction in Zimbabwe where I was on the air and in the press too. A particular incarnation is a finite projection of the infinite life of the soul in the higher realms of Cosmos. The soul adopts various lives on earth to learn various lessons till perfection is achieved and then it lives on the higher non physical planes of existence for higher purposes. On those planes there is no dependence on physical factors like food, cloth or sex for happiness. However, this is a subject of separate exploration. The whole book has been divided into seven chapters. The first two chapters are concerned with the understanding of 'Numbers and their Meanings.' Chapter 3 is given to the analysis of character and finding the degree of fame or infamy in a person. Chapter 4 teaches how to make the Numerical Chart and how to read the past, present and future. Chapter 5 gives the meanings of Event Numbers, and the Letters behind them. It contains an exclusive table of month by month happenings which gives the direction to the reader if consulted in the beginning of every month. Chapter 6 and 7 are result-oriented chapters with particular fields of interest. Two persons planning to marry or to go into a business partnership can know about their mutual compatibility and decide whether they should or should not form the relationship. One can know about the vocation, lucky numbers, health etc. Colours are directly related to the numbers and one can know about his/her lucky colours and stones for success in a particular field. One can find out which number of the house, car etc., is going to meet his/her interests successfully and which number can prove disastrous. By a suitable change of the name the events can be considerably affected. The Major Frames of Events are fixed according to Destiny. However, with a proper choice of time and number in a particular venture the positive aspects can be enhanced and the negative aspects can be reduced. I have seen this happen in many cases. Moreover, if the Event Number is incompatible you can avoid heavy investments while if it is harmonious you can increase the investments. So you know in advance how to live with the Number with minimum resistance. Certainly Numerology is the easiest of the sciences of its kind.

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