Shakespeare's Impact on Hindi Literature

Shakespeare's Impact on Hindi Literature

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Author: Jagdish Prasad Mishra
Language: English
Edition: 1970
Pages: 240
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
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About the Book

Shakespeare and the language and literature of which he was the proudest 'fashioner' have acted not as a damper on, as some people would have us believe, but as a source of constant stimulus and impetus to almost all the languages and literature of India. The impact of the great 'brad' on Hindi literature has no doubt been part of the wider contact the latter has had with the letters and culture of the west for over a century, but coming, as it did, in the formative stage of modern Hindi language and literature, it has perhaps been most outstanding and considerable.

The study of Shakespeare's play provided an incentive to Hindi drama - which has been the principal sphere of his influence - to come into its own through a series of imitative writing leading upto inspired original works, and helped the hindi stage to pass from the crude farcical theatre of the folk tradition to a more respectable stage with proper dramatic effect. The poet in Shakespeare too, as revealed more in the plays then in the poem to find expression in new lyrical forms with a new language and idiom to match. As a matter of fact, Shakespeare's influence on Hindi writers-mostly dramatists and poets - has been so pervasive and profound felt in the form of an echo or in the twist of a phrase, it defines analysis.

Dr. J.P Mishra's work is an exhaustive and critical study of all Shakespearean impact on Hindi literature for the first time. The work is of immense interest to students of English and Hindi literatures; it has also a broader significance for scholars of the social and cultural history of the Indian people. Dr. Mishra's book is of great value not merely as a study in comparative literature but also as a significant contribution to the wider question of Indo-British cultural relation.

About the Author

Dr. Jagdish Prasad Mishra, educated at Sikandrabad and Aligarh, took his postgraduate degree in English Literature from Agra University. He chose comparative literature for his doctoral dissertation for the pursuance of which he was awarded a special research fellowship created with the approval and financial grant of the University Grants Commission in the Department of English in the Aligarh Muslim University. He has been teaching for the last ten years at important educational centers like Aligarh University and, at present is working in Rajdhani College, University of Delhi.

Dr. Mishra has contributed to various hournals and magazines. His forthcoming work includes Studies in Western Criticism and Indian Influence in Shelly's Poetry


Chapter I
The Vogue of Shakespeare in the Hindi Speaking Area

Chapter II
Translation and Adaptations of Shakespeare

Chapter III
Shakespeare and the Hindi

Chapter IV
Shakespeare and the Playwrigths of the Bhartendu-Age

Chapter V
Shakespeare and Jaishankar Prasad

Chapter VI
Shakespeare and Post-Prasad Dramatists

Chapter VII
Shakespeare and Non-Dramatic Hindi Literature

Chapter VIII

Appendix I
A complete list of the translation and adaptations of Shakespeare's works in Hindi

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