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Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga (In The Company of Sadguaru) (Set of 2 Volumes)

Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga (In The Company of Sadguaru) (Set of 2 Volumes)
Item Code: NAG334
Author: Debkumar Bhattacharya
Publisher: Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Bhakta Sangha
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789350674048
Pages: 1340
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 6.0 inch

The Hindi speaking religious people are immensely fortunate, that the Hindi translation of the priceless book named Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga is being published today.

Having spent a long time in the company and shelter of the venerable Mahatma Shree Shreemat Bijoykrishna Goswamiji, the writer of this book Sreemat Kuladananda Brahmachariji received his instructions and followed the path shown by him, thus qualifying to earn the good fortune of spiritual practice. During this period, he had obtained the grace of this mahatma in various ways for all round development on the path of his spiritual practice. The ordinary lives of the common people have phases like - childhood, youth and old age, which appear one after another as a natural phenomenon; in the same manner, the life of dharma too has phases of various manifestations. The internal power (of the sadhak) slowly flourishes to fullness with the gradual appearance and disappearance of these and the sadhaks become completely free from all bindings and achieve the supreme wealth and are blessed with the taste of Absolute bliss - each according to one's respective state of nature.

Brahmachariji has frankly presented the details of his spiritual life with an open heart in this book. From his writings, as on hand, we get a thorough reflection of his simple mindedness, reliance and hard struggle for self-improvement, on the other hand, we get the evidence of his most revered Gurudev's limitless grace and play of his unending power at every step.

The power of Sadguru is the direct power of God whose grace encompasses the world. The depictions contain an exact account, serially, as to how God who is the ocean of love, the ocean of forgiveness, is engaged in deliverance while being present in the life of the spiritual aspirant, who is weak, dominated by desire, cowed down with fear, but who ceaselessly and sincerely remains engaged in spiritual practice. That is why, this is a much sought after book by all the sadhaks who want spiritual progress.

In fact, the life of a sadhak starts only after he gets his guru. Though the time for walking the path of dispassion already starts when the intensity of detachment and keenness of desire for the supernatural truth appear in the heart- because detachment towards the world and extreme desire for spiritualism is in itself a call from God - yet, movement does not start as long as the knowledge of the path remains unknown.

Knowledge of the real path depends only on the teachings of one's guru. As a consequence of eternal outward orientations, influence of vanity, and a variety of good and bad karmas, beings keep moving from the highest zone to the lowest zone of the mighty universe, dressing up as various characters in a drama, while enjoying or suffering the consequences of their earlier deeds.

Due to the enchanting maya-shakti (illusion) of Mahamaya, beings have forgotten their own supreme form and also God's real form and their eternal relation with Him. That is why, being proud of material objects they consider the worldly things more pleasant and make fruitless attempts of possessing them - similar to getting water from mirages - and thus become exhausted.

As long as the complete vision of the supreme soul is not attained, supreme bliss in the form of total devotion is not tasted, till then the limitless thirst and tremendous dissatisfaction is not satiated. Without the manifestation of pure knowledge, the external shell of illusion cannot be broken. That is why Sadguru, the one who enlightens - is needed.

Though God himself is Sad guru and is present equally in every heart, yet such entity cannot deliver any result, because, just as fire existing in wood does not erupt into flames without friction with another piece of wood or without being lighted by an external fire, in the same manner, without being enkindled by the living contact of a mahatma, or intense craving for God, the spiritual feelings in one's heart cannot qualify to accomplish any task.

Intense urge for God is very rare in samsar. External help is usually needed to awaken internal emotions of purity. Sadguru is the one who can awaken the dormant power in another, by his awakened power.

Brahmachariji was fortunate to have got such a Sadguru who could place his disciple on the path of salvation, by infusing power into his disciple by just his wish.

On getting deeksha, with the transfusion of power, the kulakundalini shakti (power) gets stirred up, awakened to a lesser or greater degree depending on the capacity of the disciple. At this, leaving this dreamlike life, which spans over many births, man by the touch of truth, runs forward on the path of Brahman, looking upward in search of the Absolute Truth - he proceeds towards the great awakening. Many divine visions are seen on this journey, many distinct revelation are experienced and the enhanced power of the senses, power of the mind and many other powers, gradually increase and then attain the pure state.

During this period, on one hand as the sadhak gets enchanted by the bliss of the supernatural experiences, on the other hand the impressions of the cumulative earlier tarnished karma wakes up with the touch of 'Brahmatej' (power of Brahman) and agitates the sadhak's mind. This is the stage of terrible test for the sadhak. At this time Sadguru alone gives assurance and makes the disciple strong and protects him all the time while remaining unseen.

By the grace of Guru's power all the problems and obstacles go away in no time. From the very beginning of his life, Goswamiji was thirsty for dharma and was simple in nature, that is why God had established him in the Absolute Truth miraculously, through His presence within various conditions. It is very much necessary to follow Goswamiji's life in today's world.

Beings inflicted with sufferings will be infused with new energy from the great ideal of Goswamiji's life and will learn to fix their aim on seeing the shining example of God's unlimited grace.

This book has five volumes, now only the first volume is being published. Hopefully the remaining four volumes will soon be translated. It is true that the commands and teachings contained in this book are meant for a particular person - these were not meant for people in general, yet this is everyone's property. Because the commands and sermons do not belong to any particular sect, these are applicable for the entire humanity.

The person receiving these sermons was just an agent. Those treading the path of sadhan will certainly receive peace, knowledge and joy from this. Actually such a book in any other literature is rare.

Life becomes extremely invigorating by repeated discussion of these sermons and by giving them practical shape. It will not be irrelevant to mention one thing in this context. The person who has translated this book has profound knowledge of Bengali and is a famous writer in Hindi. Therefore it is needless to talk about the excellence of the translation. I hope this excellent book will be received cordially wherever Hindi language is widely in vogue.


Foreword (Part-I)

Jai Gosainji ! Jai Gurudev ! [ai Kuladananda Brahmachariji ! I bow down with reverence to our Gurudev Swami Asimananda Saraswati (1902-1968) by whose grace myself and my brother and eo-disciple Swami Amalananda Saraswati (1942-2010) have found the path laid by Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Goswami Prabhu (1841-1899). At the behest of our Gurudev we have been travelling the length and breadth of the country for the last forty years propagating naam samkeertan along with a number of devotees, many of whom are householders. We have covered areas from cosmopolitan to rural, from urban to inaccessible backward areas of the country with our mission.

Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga is a diary written by Shree Kuladananda Brahmachariji during his close association with his Gurudev, Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Goswami. Out of his diary spanning over fifteen years he could only print the contents of eight years during his lifetime which is now available for reading. We have felt that the essence of Goswami Prabhu's instructions on the path of spirituality derived against scanning questions by a sharp and focused disciple cannot be found in any other book on Goswami Prabhu's life written by others. It seems that Shree Kuladananda Brahrnachariji was pre-programmed and had come to fulfil this mission, which is to transcend the limitations of time, boundary or measure in conveying the priceless essence of spirituality to posterity. No wonder Goswami Prabhu had forecasted, "What Brahmchari is writing will become the scripture of the country after a hundred years." Interestingly it is now that the book has completed more than a hundred years.

In the course of our travel to various destinations we have seen that there is a demand for this book in other languages and particularly in English because of its wider acceptance and use in the present era. The present Bengali and Hindi edition (1937) are popular within a limited circle. We are pleased to say that a Gujarati edition has already been published recently and a Kannada edition too is in the process of translation with our encouragement.

It is our pleasure to present the first complete English translation of Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga made possible by the generous grace of Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Goswami Prabhu. For the reason as explained earlier, this edition is likely to have a global acceptance additionally, because of the craving for peace in a strife torn world. Many spiritual aspirants are sure to find a clearly defined path for spiritual advancement as distinctly indicated in this book.

The speciality of Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga is that, in the course of sadhan the sadhak falls into severe tests, has to wade through adverse circumstances and thus being confused, fails to follow the right path. Fortunately, Shree Shree Kuladananda Brahmachariji had such a Sadguru who had established him with his help and advice during the toughest of tests. The way Brahmachariji opened himself up to Sad guru regarding all his weakness frankly without concealing anything, is simply without parallel.

The scriptures are limitless, and it is difficult for a sadhak to find solutions for his problems in them. The reader will doubtlessly find the beacon in this book to proceed in the right direction. Having started reading, one cannot leave it without finishing because the way the high ideals have been made so easy to follow in day to day life makes it easy reading. Those who are driven by the severe force of mental weakness each moment and are sad on being unable to attain their desired objective, should read this book. Their goal will then be fixed, they will have faith in their own strength and the path of their lives will come under control.

This English edition (Part I) contains volumes I, 11 and III of the Bengali edition. Volumes IV and V of the Bengali edition will be contained in the part 11 of the English version. This part is in the process of making and we hope this will be published soon.

Translation was no easy a task. Apart from the huge volume of the book (about 1100 pages Vol. I to V), many words do not have an English equivalent. These had to be explained either by a foot note or in the appendix containing the glossary. This should help the reader.

This book has been translated in English by Shree Debkumar Bhattacharya and Shreemati Tapati Bhattacharya. They are able to translate this book because of the grace of Sadguru on them. Readers will appreciate their dedication with which they went through with the arduous task.

I pray to all for assistance in propagation of this book to the widest extent possible.

I pray to Goswami Prabhu for the well being of all.


Foreword (Part-II)

By the grace of Sadguru Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Goswami we are able to present the English version (Part 2) containing volumes IV and V of the Bengali edition of Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga, the diary originally written by Shree Shree Kuladananda Brahmachari. This completes the publication of the entire five volumes of the diary in fulfilment of our objective.

Ever since the publication of the Part 1 containing volumes I, II and III, we have been receiving queries as to when the Part 2 would be published. The readers will find a cause for happiness on having this book in their hands.

We shall be pleased if the readers feel satisfied and get a boost to their spiritual inclinations. I pray at the feet of Goswami Prabhu for the well being of all.

I pray at the feet of Goswami Prabhu for the well being of all.


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