Silent Thunder (Self a Scientific Perspective)

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Author: A. Krishna Murthy
Publisher: Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788190632270
Pages: 175
Cover: Paperback
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Discusses the eternal scriptural statement that "Brahman alone is true, the phenomenal world is a mirage and ever changing" from a scientific perspective in the background of Cosmology and Quantum field theories.

‘There is no other’ is the unequivocal statement of Vedanta; Vedanta says that non dual Brahmam alone exists. Whatever is, is nothing but Brahman.

Needle - space, pot space and space in which the Universe is expanding, although one only, are differently called due to differences conditionings. The Universe constituted by Names and Forms the play of Mind. Mind works in the domain of space and time, both are transitory. What is, is What he is not, is Unconcerned by any, just ‘BE’.

The author is a post graduate in Applied Geology from the Indian Institute of if Technology, Kharagpur. He retired as a Director in the Geological Surveys of India. He was fortunate to Receive divine grace from Sri Kamli Baba and blessings from Somanatha Maharshi, Swami Chinmayananda and Swami Ranganadhananada .Their inspiration helped him to transform his thought waves into this book.



Because the intellect is covered with Maya. (Ignorance,/Avidya) It may take several years or births (janmas) to come out of Maya and get liberation or moksha depending on his prarabdha, God’s grace and free will. To get liberation, one need to follow the spiritual path or Devotion, (Bhakthi) which involves various steps.

Initially every one starts with work with a desire ‘Sakama karma’ And moves towards ‘Desire-less work, ‘Nishkama karma’ or perform all actions as offering to God, without expecting any results and receive them as God’s gift. (Bhagavad Prasadam’) Next step is to practice meditation,(Upasana) on God with a form of his preference.(‘Eka roopa’ or ‘Istadevatha’ Upasana.) Gradually expand the vision to consider the entire Universe, including you as God (I.e Viswa roopa Upasana.) and meditating upon that Viswa roopa Iswara. This practice will give the required purification of mind.(Chitta Suddhi,) Now he is ready to receive the knowledge, (Jnanam) of Brahman or, God without form (Arupa Iswara) which alone can give freedom or moksha.

Process involves Sravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasa, of Prasthan Trayam i.e. Bhagada Gita, Upanishads and Brahma Sutras. It is essential to learn the scriptures (sastras) by listening (sravanam) to a competent teacher. Mananam involves removing all logical doubts by thinking and analyzing the subject matter. Nidhi Dhyasana is a process where the knowledge is consolidated, internalized and all habitual doubts are removed. As this knowledge is beyond the scope of instruments of knowledge (Indriyas,) scriptures cited above alone can provide the knowledge of Brahman. In this process, secondary scriptures,(Prakarana grandhas) like ‘Atma Bodha’, ‘Tatva Bodha’ and Vivekachoodamani are helpful.

Though Science and logic can not provide this knowledge, if properly used they can support and help in understanding this knowledge.(Brahma Vidya). As this subject is very subtle and difficult to understand, several authors have taken pains in explaining the subject from various angles and view points.

The present work is one such good attempt. The author has taken several portions from Bhagavad Gita to explain the basic concepts and then from Mandukya Upanishad to expand and establish his views. He has also presented and analyzed some scientific and modern views, and showed how they can be utilized in supporting the scriptures. He has also presented the views as given by various well known personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Stephen Hawking, Kamili baba, Somanatha Maharshi and others.

While going through these portions, the cultural and spiritual background of the audience and the situation under which they have delivered their views must be kept in mind. Otherwise we may land in seeming contradiction. While going through the views of Swami Vivekananda, it should be remembered that he is addressing people from a different cultural and spiritual back ground. Similarly one should not forget that Kamili Baba and Somanatha Maharshi are addressing common man without any spiritual background. Their views are quite useful if we go through with an open mind. They can certainly help us in our spiritual growth.

This book is quite useful for those who have interest and some spiritual knowledge. It offers solutions to many logical and scientific doubts and serves as a ‘Manana Grandha’.



I bow to that best among men who by means of knowledge, which is like space and non-differentiated from the object- of —knowledge, has realized the nature of the individual selves, which are again like space.

Who is God'? Where is God? And why is God? These are the fundamental questions asked by millions of human beings during the last millennium. From the Geologist’s point of view, that the present is the key to the past and we have to proceed from the known to the unknown, an attempt is made to turn the searchlight inwards, in the serene, calm and cool environs of Tarakeswari, in the middle Himalayas. A tiny little dust particle clinging to the feet of Jagadguru Kamili baba, one of the greatest Mystics of 20th.centuiy,who distilled the spirit and meaning of Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita in a capsule form “‘Swaprakasasarva sampoornam bhavathi", somehow got detached from his holy feet and got attached to a cute looking green grass blade. A heavy wind later blew it hither and thither and took it to the concrete jungles of Hyderabad. During the long period of its stay in Hyderabad, due to the manifestation of its luck, it was carried onto the top of Somanatha Kshetram and got attached to the feet of Sri Somanatha Maharshi. There its sense of spiritual knowledge got watered and nourished well. As the time passed on it was subjected to whirlwinds and got agitated and disheartened. Somehow with the God’s grace, the tiny little dust particle rested for some time in Swami Ftama’s Ashram. (of ‘Living with Himalayan Masters’ fame.) In Tarakeswari, the body of the dust particle is cooled and its mind was quieted. Then only it turned its inquisitiveness inwards and started questioning as to why is God? Who is God? And where is He? After a while, it could recognize that the source where the questioning arose/started is the same source from where answers to the very questions arise. In a common parlor, the questioner only answers the questions. In that silent valley where 600 year old Devadaru trees join heaven and earth, he started understanding the intricacies of Mandukya Upanishad with Gaudapada karika and also The New Background of Science by James Jeans, two profound books in their own fields and in all the fields of spiritual and scientific knowledge. He could understand the intimate relationship between the Sanathana dharma followed by Hindus and propagated by Saints and sages; Maharshis and preceptors and the most modern great Scientists like Einstein, James Jeans, Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking. When the mental lake is quieted, the thought waves acquired legibility as alphabets of modern language. In order to share his profound joy he obtained after at least technically under standing that similar dust particles at one time or other constitute the cosmic dust, the source of our mother earth, (Our own sun formed some five thousand million years ago out of a cloud of rotating gas containing the debris of earlier supernovas), he started down loading his thought waves on to the lap tap. Two thousand years ago Gaudapada anticipated what Science is beginning to guess in regard to ‘causal’ relation without a knowledge of which Vedanta can never be understood.

When you visit a calm quite beach, your toddler is very happy just to move on the sand. Slightly aged children enjoy by building structures with wet sand and destroying them later. Slightly grown ups collect shells and conches. Parents go out for swimming and enjoy. Only a few courageous persons can dare to dive deep into the ocean and such people only can collect gems and diamonds. The degree of happiness depends on the struggle you undertake. Acquiring the knowledge of ‘Self’ is extremely difficult and it may take the whole of your life. But the permanent bliss you get even if you technically grasp the nature of ‘Self’ is infinite and eternal. Take the first step and stop not till the goal is reached. The individual Self gets merged with the divine experience of all soul, the Eternal and immortal by meditating regularly upon the silent aspect of Aum. Silence is Atma. (Santoyam Atman.) Many have realized ‘Self’, your own self. Why not you'? "Nivruthe sarvaclukhkhanam eesanam prabhuravyayah; Advaitah sarva bhavanam Devas thuryo vibhuh smrutah" (M.Up.1st.C/10th sl.) "In that which is indicated as the changeless of Supreme lord, there is total cessation of all miseries. It is one without a second among plurality. It is known as Thuriya, the ever effulgent, all pervading." Substance as per science is that which has properties and finite. The subject is the eternal factor, life force, the divine spark. It is pure consciousness and pure knowledge.




  Publishers Note ii
  Introduction v
  Preface vii
  Aout I-Serve x
I Silent Thunder 1
II Sri Bhagavan Uvacha 19
III Self in the light of Upanishadhs 43
IV Self in the Background of Science 71
V Stephen Hawking Speaks 94
VI Formless voice of Swamy Vivekananda 105
VII Thus Spoke Shankara 130
VIII There is no End 148

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