Sociology of Indian Society (Useful for Degree Students of Sociology and Candidates Appearing in Competitive Examinations Like I.A.S State Adiministrative Examination)

Sociology of Indian Society (Useful for Degree Students of Sociology and Candidates Appearing in Competitive Examinations Like I.A.S State Adiministrative Examination)

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Author: C.N. Shankar Rao
Publisher: S.Chand and Company Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788121924030
Pages: 780
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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I am extremely happy to present this book entitled “Sociology of Indian Society” to all those who intend to have a glance of the Indian society. In fact, as early as in 19911 had written a book in Kannada namely “Bharateeya Samaja” which was well appreciated in Karnataka region. Since then, students, teachers and many candidates appearing for the competitive examinations have been requesting and persuading me to bring out its English version. Almost after 12 years I have been able to materialise their request. And now it is being placed in your hands for solid support and encouragement.

This is neither the first book nor the only book written on “Indian Society” in English. Several books have been authored by several writers on this very topic. In regional languages of different States also sociology books on Indian Society have appeared in a large number This present book, I am sure, will attract the attention of its intended readers because of its simple approach and wide coverage.

This book is written in simple and lucid style. Due importance is given here to provide enough explanation for each topic. For clarity and authenticity, I have given additional explanation wherever possible, in the form of footnotes. I have also tried to substantiate the explanations with the latest statistics. Wide coverage of topics would help the students in general to find sufficient reading material for the chapters contained in the syllabus. Hence, both students and teachers will find the book interesting and useful.

The book contains 22 chapters and covers various institutional, historical, economic, demographic and other aspects of the Indian society. The 22nd Chapter is on some social evils of India. The chapters selected here cover the topics that are included in the syllabi of B.A. and M.A. degree courses on the one hand and, I.A.S. and K.A.S. Examinations on the other. It also contains lessons that form part of M.B.A., Nursing and five-year Law courses. The book is thus designed to cater to the needs of people engaged in different fields of learning. The readers will soon realise that this is a book with a difference.

To get this book ready, I referred to and drew much material from the works of a number of writers, to whom I am extremely grateful. In order to be objective in the explanation of sociological concepts I have profusely quoted sentences and statements of various sociologists to whom I am greatly indebted. Hence as an author I do not venture to claim any originality for many of the ideas and descriptions contained in the book. But with all humility I can say that I have presented the matter in my own way.

It is my duty to express my gratitude to all those who have helped me in preparing this book. My thanks are due to my fellow-teachers and student-readers without whose encouragement the book would not have appeared. I am indebted to all those friends and well-wishers of mine who have given valuable suggestions in this venture. My thanks are specially due to Prof. KS. Joseph Kalapura, Department of English, Canara P.U. College, Mangalore, who has gone through most part of the printed proof. I thank my wife Saraswathi S. Rao who has inspired and encouraged me to prepare and complete this work at the earliest. The computer services of Sri Narayana Nayak who has done the typing work neatly and impressively, cannot be forgotten.

I thank MIs S. Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi for having undertaken the publication of this book. I am indebted to Sri Rajalingam, Bangalore Branch Manager of the Company, who showed special interest in the publication of the book at the earliest.

I sincerely request the readers to come out with their constructive criticisms, useful comments and valuable suggestions which will be of great help to me to further improve the book. I earnestly appeal to all the readers to give this book due encouragement, support and publicity which it deserves.


1Historical Moorings of the Indian society1
2Indian society through the ages39
3Pioneers of Indian sociology58
4 Marriage System in Indian 101
5 Family System in Indian 130
6Women in Indian154
7 Indian Caste System 188
8Some aspects of social mobility232
9The scheduled castes their problems and welfare measure for their Upliftment261
10Backward castes Classes (OBCS) their problems and welfare289
11 Social Movements in Indian 306
12Tribal life in India342
13Rural life in India Part I: Rural India: Nature features and problems375
14Rural life in India Part II: Rural Development and rural change413
15 Urban Life in India 440
16Environment Pollution468
17Economic Factors in modern India485
18Demographic Dynamics in India515
19Religion and society537
20Political system in India573
21Education in India596
22Some social problems of India634
Annexure 1Historical Moorings of the Indian society685
Annexure 2Family system in Indian701
Annexure 3Women in Indian706
Annexure 4Backward castes Classes (OBCS) their problems and welfare715
Annexure 5Some social problems of India718
I.A.S Examination syllabus Paper II (Study of Indian Society)763
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