Space, Light and Harmony (The Story of Crystal Hermitage)

Space, Light and Harmony (The Story of Crystal Hermitage)

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Item Code: NAF464
Author: Swami Kriyananda and J.Donald Walters
Publisher: Ananda Sangha Publications, Gurgaon
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8189430017
Pages: 170 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.5 Inch x 7.5 Inch
Weight 400 gm
Back of the Book

Space, Light, and Harmony is an adventure in design, building, and living. It is the true story of the evolution of a home- from planning to interior decorating that serves as a powerful metaphor for personal development. Years ago, Swami Kriyananda withdrew to the woods in a personal search for clarity. In designing his home, he felt that it must reflect this inner search.

In the process of building, the author explores practical topics such as what a home should express, architectural choices, interior design, and how to select art for your home, among many others. He considers the deeper principles behind these choices, including the importance of myth, the meaning of friendship, and the need to find balance in our lives.

Swami Kriyananada, a world-renowned author, lecturer, and composer, shares this story with humor and deep insight. You will find in his story valuable lessons for your own life journey.


About the Book

This book is charming-rich with humor, humanity, and valuable life lessons.

Space, Light and Harmony is about how to design and build a home that supports your inner life.

It begins with Swami Kriyananda’s dream, not of a place to “get away from it all,” but of a home where he might find something to make the all worthwhile. His overriding quest is for inner clarity, strength, and guidance. His home begins humbly and grows organically. As Kriyananda grows personally and spiritually, his home expands in beauty, light, and harmony.

This is an unusual story a veritable adventure in Building in living, and in spiritual development. You will find in J. Donald Walters’s story a delightful and insightful read and a touchstone for your own quest for happiness.


About the Authors

Swami Kriyananda (J.Donald Walters) is an internationally known author lecturer, and composer. His books emphasize the need to live wisely by one’s own experience of life, and not by abstract theories or dogmas.

In 1968 near Nevada City, California, Kriyananda founded Ananda Village, an intentional community dedicated to modeling and spreading the principles of simple living and high thinking. Today, with a thousand people living in eight Ananda Communities on three continents, Ananda is widely considered the most successful intentional community in the world.

Kriyananda’s books and music have sold over 3 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. He is the author of more than 80 books on a variety of topics, including leadership, eduction, creativity, and moral values. Kriyananda has written over 400 musical works.

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