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Speak Sanskrit (The Easy Way)

Speak Sanskrit (The Easy Way)
Item Code: NAM978
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: Sanskrit
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788170589792
Pages: 48
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 90 gms

The Mother's messages on Sanskrit are the source of inspiration for this research publication. The method introduced here is the outcome of a long period of teaching and experiment. It is based on the following guidelines of the Mother:

1. "For common use I was thinking of a simplified Sanskrit from the grammatical point of view." 8 March 1968

2. "The old method of teaching is obviously outdated and will be gradually abandoned throughout the world." (MCW 12:182)

3. "Visual memory is more useful than mental memory." (MCW 12:326)

4. "A language is precisely the thing that should have the most life, the most life! And in order for it to have some life, the students have to participate. They should not be ears listening and sitting on a bench!" (MCW 12:421)

As advised by Sri Aurobindo in his essay A System of National Education (SABCL 17:203), we have tried our best to make these lessons "natural, easy and effective" and "without the evils of strain and cramming".

After studying this book, readers should read as a follow-up study.

For video lessons, Surabharati texts and songs, and the texts and songs of this book.


प्रथमाभ्यासः11, 41
द्धितीयाभ्यासः 13, 41
तृतीयाभ्यासः 14, 41
चतुर्थाभ्यासः 15, 42
पञ्चमाभ्यासः16, 42
षष्ठाभ्यासः 20, 43
सप्तमाभ्यासः 23, 44
अष्टमाभ्यासः 24, 45
नवमाभ्यासः 28, 45
दशमाभ्यासः31, 46
एकादशाभ्यासः 32, 46
द्धादशाभ्यासः34, 46
त्रयोदशाभ्यासः 36, 47
चतुर्दशाभ्यासः 39, 47
पञ्चदशाभ्यासः 40, 48
Clarifications 48

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