Spirit Traveler - Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of The World's Great Historic Sites
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Spirit Traveler - Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of The World's Great Historic Sites

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Author: Sonja Grace
Publisher: Findhorn Press, UK
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781844096947
Pages: 174 (6 B/W and 11 Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About the Book

In Spirit Traveler, Sonja Grace travel back through the realms to reveal history as it happened. She answers the questions that have puzzled historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years: What was the purpose of Stonehenge? How were the Great Pyramids built, and why is their particular geometry so significant? Why was Skellig Rock so important to the monks? Have our beliefs about these great sites been wrong all along? Is their importance something other than what we have always thought? Sonja Graceís discoveries shine a new light on our historical understanding of these places and their relationships to the Earth.

Each chapter tackles the scientific and historical information available about each site up to this point in time. Sonja addrsses the questions that continue to puzzle archaeologist and historians. The second half of each chapter is devoted to Sonjaís Spirit Traveler experience, what she learned, and the answers to some of those longstanding question.

About the Author

Few people possess the gifts of Sonja Grace. Her heritage (part Native American, part Norwegian) provides her with the extraordinary ability to transport anywhere. She sees, hears, smells and feels the places she visits. Her work is marked by her distinct understanding of the dimensions and realms along with the convergence of Divine and Earth energies, which allows her to travel through the ethers and gather historic information.


My grandfather was solemn when he revealed the ground rules. "We never plow this field." There was a grave pallor to his face, which I recognized well from the time that he told me to always respect animals. I recall his words, "Never mistreat an animal, neither horse nor dog." He was a kindly man of the land. He knew his ground. He understood the connection to wind, rain, and sun. As we walked I felt his warmth, with my paw firmly in his hand, the age difference made us one. I was five, he closer to 75. My short legs, and his own unsteady ones, forced us to attend to each other's balance over rough, stony ground. I realized he was intentional about us walking the remnants of a famine graveyard, which straddled unkempt the lower meadow by the River Airgidin.

I liked the word ("silvery" in the old language) and would rhyme it in tune with the soft, gurgling water as it bounded our farm from McCarthy's place next dooróArra-gudeen. His pronouncement bore weight. I understood that there had been a great hunger in his day, and a lot of children were forced to eat grass. I had heard the awful stories from my grandmother. I liked to suck on grass stems for the sweet and acerbic juices but never ate any. The children with green lips were buried here in unmarked graves. It was hallowed ground, even if the Church didn't recognize it. On that day, I felt it to the very core of my being. I can still taste the wind, the whiff of purple heather over the empty call of the curlew. Old Tim was passing on our tribal culture, which had been just as carefully given to him nearly a century earlier. It felt heavy to now be a keeper, a holder, a teller.

The farther we become removed from the soil, the more technology we engage with, and the more distance we place between us and our farming forefathers, the more we need to reconnect with historic sites, rituals of past times, and knowledge of who we are and whence we came. Identity is a primal dust. As humans, we are bounded by our heritage, our culture, and our past. Only with surety in our own being can we set out on our solo journeys in life with confidence and zeal. Our music, our dance, our stories make us who we are, and they spring from the soil, stones, and streams. I know this because my journey has been across continents and across time. We are of the generation where the horse was replaced by the tractor, the fireside story by the radio, the radio by the television, the television by the... Well, you know where I am going with this.

Today, in my office at the university that borders the Pacific, I look across at the charts of synapses and dendrites, and I hesitate to think about the neural pathways that our new generations have outgrown. What engages our senses today are electronic ringtones, beeps, and emoticons! Gone are the sounds and sights of the iron-rimmed wheels on gravel roadways... grassy patches and ruts where the rims and clip-clop feet no longer tread. Gone are the familiar signs of morningórooster crowing, music of milking in the cow byreóand gone to the knowledge that rain is imminent because we smell it in the clouds or the swallows are swooping lower. We have broken connections that from time immemorial were sacrosanct to our survival. What does survival look like today? Where is the nearest plug-in charge for my phone, because I do not remember phone numbers anymore?

As humans we must be rooted to our planet. We have to, or we perish. Some argue that it is already too late. Ice age? Global warming? It is of little consequence, because we are so disconnected that we do not know who to believe, who to follow, in whom to place our trust. From my boyhood I remember the stories, the connections back through the ages. I know where my ancestors came from. But there is a missing chunk, a gap. Time and memory for humans are a nebulous luxury. When I climb the rugged edge of Europe, arriving at remote beehive huts on Skellig Michael, I am connected again. I get a sense of the timelessness of existence. I know that some very smart people survived here at a time when different mindsets made sense. But questions remain. I want to know more about these people, about this site's origin, and, in particular, I want to know my connection to this space in time.

My ancestors met Patrick at the outlier geologic monolith in Cashel. It has a particular meaning for me when I walk through the ruined buildings, run my fingers over the smooth ridges of limestone that were polished by my people, and wonder at the strange Celtic crucifix that resides therein. Once again I am left with more questions than answers. Sure, there were stories and legends handed downóstaff, snakes, and battles; but beyond the epic dramas, I want to know who made Cashel and why it was so important to our Celtic survival. Across the Irish Sea, which I know was at one time a land bridge to England and France, what is the reason for the remnants of ram-parts, henges, and megalithic sites scattered in areas that are sometimes so re-mote that even sheep have difficulty hanging out there?

It is even more out of my zone of comfort to stand at the base of the Pyramids amid enduring, searing heat in Egypt, or deep in a steamy Mexican jungle at Kukulcan, and cast my mind over questions about ancient cultures, peoples, and places. Like most wicked problems, the more we know about surface geographies, elemental practices, and excavated topographies, the more questions that present themselves for deeper understanding.

I do worry about the future of the human species. This is the first time in our planetary cosmology that we are essentially urban beings, as if we have been lobotomized from feelings and a capacity for original thinking. I am not saying that the future is one of semi-robotic beings walking around with no past, no future, and no present. But I have hope. We all should. As keepers and tellers, there are messages and stories to pass on. It is our time to share our tribal knowledge with new generations. If we don't, can you imagine the newborn five generations out? What will that child have as a map? How will that young adult find his/her way in a world where no one has a history?

Spirit Travel with Sonja is one of my hope chests. I have had the pleasure of sharing physical travel in her company across the north of England, where we visited Arthur's world, Meg's world, and worlds beyond. Not only were they fascinating, pristine, and beautiful in their raw energy but they also revealed messages and past histories that connected to me in my world. Grounded in my past I am more than human; I have spirit, vision, and direction. There are so many important sites geographically dispersed across the planet that remind us that we are not alone. These sites are coherent, clear, and precise in their alignments and connections to cosmic energies, intergalactic journeys, and to times yet to come. Let the journey begin.


Our beautiful planet, third from the sun, a gorgeous spinning globe of blue, is at least 4.5 billion years old. This massive place, with a radius of about 4,000 miles, is home to us, homo sapiens, the most intelligent species to in-habit it. In the last few hundred years, scientists have discovered how the earth was likely formed and have figured that humans first walked our planet 2.5 million years ago. Their descendants, the anatomically modern humans, appear only 200,000 years ago. While we continue to learn more about our forefathers, huge gaps in our knowledge and questions about our history still confound some of the brightest minds in the world.

Archeologists, for example, continue to puzzle over the so-called "sacred" sites that dot the earthóthe pyramids, the temples, the megaliths, the statues, and the burial sites. These strange places to which humans are drawn, and where mysterious events have taken place, beg so many questions. Who built the pyramids, and where did the architects get their remarkable understanding of geometry? What was the purpose of amazing megalithic structures like Stonehenge and Tiwanaku? Were the builders master astronomers with knowledge so advanced we're only just discovering the reality of it through modern-day satellites and space telescopes? What happened at the Mayan temples, and why did the Mayans leave their beautiful structures so urgently and in ruins?

Sometimes, the answers we think we have only lead to more questions.

We know, for example, that Stonehenge was built in the Neolithic age, about 3500 BC, but it is so long ago that little evidence exists other than the stones themselves, making exact timings difficult to pin down. So while we think we can date the site's origins, the mystery surrounding how and why the site was built persists. No one can explain how the blue stones at the heart of the site, and sourced over 200 miles away, in Wales, were moved there without modern tools and technology. Debate still exists around the archeoastronomy of the site and the existence of a spiritual purpose to its alignment with the earth cycles, the stars, and the winter and summer solstices.

For what purpose was Ireland's Rock of Cashel created? Was it just a site sacred to the monks who lived there, or did it have another purpose? What about Bolivia's famous Tiwanaku? How did the site come about? Was it built where it lies, or did an earthquake move the stones? Why were the remains of headless female bodies discovered around Malta's limestone Hagar Qim? Was the site concerned with fertility rights? Archeoastronomists argue that the sacred site is linked to a pan-regional sacred geometry: Is that possible? And if so who was behind the construction? These are just some of the questions historians and archeologists still seek to answer after years of research and study.

The goal of this book is to add a new layer of knowledge to that already accumulated by the historians and archeologists. However, it's an understanding that cannot be derived from studying rock formations or digging for bones. This information cannot be gathered by just anyone; in fact, I do not know of anyone else who has the ability to reveal the secrets of the world's sacred sites as I do.

My name is Sonja Grace. I am a "spirit traveler." I travel the world in spirit form. Through meditation, I am able to defy time and space and go beyond the boundaries of the physical body. I was born with these mystical abilities, and they have been with me through every lifetime I have had here on Earth. With the aid of my guides, I have traveled to the earth's most sacred sites and discovered essential information about these mysterious places, which I share from a spiritual perspective. I have learned why they were built and what was experienced there.

In the popular television show Outlander, the protagonist, Claire, places her hands on the stones of an ancient megalith and time-travels to the 1700s. Her life changes completely as a result of this time-traveling experience. In essence, I suppose I am like a real-life Claireówith the ability to slip the shackles of today's time and space and travel to the beginning of these sites, then return to the present day with the knowledge of what really happened in history.

I have been a spirit traveler for over 30 years, defying time and space and putting myself in front of people who seek out my special skills and advice, wherever they are in the world. I have counseled hundreds of people from all walks of lifeópoliticians, financiers, military personnel, professors, and celebrities. I have had many lifetimes on this planet, and in each lifetime I have experienced being a mystic or healer, which was the purpose of my first incarnation during the time of Atlantis. I am aware that I originally hail from Orion, with the purpose of bringing healing to Earth. As an ancient Orion, I have particular knowledge that allows me to spirit-travel to sacred sites around the world and implement my gifts. I frequently encounter souls that remain stuck, attached to this plane of existence, such as entities and aliens. As a healer, I am always attuned to the earth, and I respect each ancient site, the events that have taken place there, and the spirits that continue to dwell at the site.

The gift of spirit traveling is one few can claim. In profound meditation, I experience a feeling of fusion with my surroundings and a blending with everything in my space. I no longer feel a physical form. I travel with the guidance of my beloved guides, high angelic beings who assist me when I look into the ancient past.

This book describes my spirit travels to some of Earth's most famous sacred sites. For hundreds of years, people have reported sensing something about each of these sites; they have spoken of strange feelings, odd experiences. This is no surprise to me; it's no accident that these sacred sites are where they are on our planet. The goal of Spirit Traveler is to reveal why today's visitors often sense an air of mystery about these places. It is written with a sincere desire to add to our understanding of Earth's mysterious places. I will shed new light on recorded history and reveal new truths. My work is done with complete respect for the scientists and archeologists who have gone before. My spirit travels will reveal new stories and occurrences that weigh in where others have speculated.

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