Spirituality – A Way of Life

Spirituality – A Way of Life

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Author: Indu Mittal
Publisher: New Age Books
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 978817822354
Pages: 130
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Spirituality: A Way of Life, is a guiding path for those disgruntled and restless in their lives, unsure about their real self and attempting self development through the dreary desert sand of desire.

Aiming at discovering the truth about ourselves, the reality we know as God, and our relationship to God, the book, in a very simple language, guides us to self-discovery lasting peace and total oneness with God. It addresses the confusion besieging most people regarding the differences between right behavior, religious dictums and correct spiritual enquiry. Going to the core of spirituality, it compels you to question your existing beliefs about God and established religious practices. Without any moralistic diktats it emphasizes the need to be self – responsible whereby spirituality becomes an effortless way of life.

Indu Mittal has been inclined towards correct spiritual enquiry and metaphysical studies since an early age. Since October 2002 she has been a disciple of Mr. Roy Eugene Davis who is a direct disciple of Shri Parmahansa Yogananda. Understanding that our reality is more than the limited mortal selves we perceive ourselves to be, she now assiduously endeavours to enlighten as many people regarding these inexorable principles.


For most of humanity, life is on autopilot. The process of living carries on its own momentum, without one having any conscious control over it. Joys and sorrows are accepted as an inevitable part of living, the unstated keynote being that one has no command over the events on one’s life. Generally, it is seen that life is considered to be an imposition, an encumbrance one has to bear, because there is no other choice. In this scenario, the first stirring of a vague restlessness, that there could be more to life than this uncertainty, could be a start to a much deeper questioning and learning. Ironically, the TRUTH is so simple, yet very few people have any real understanding of it. Most people on planet earth are victims of their past conditionings and false beliefs. Oddly enough, these beliefs can be overcome easily with a little conscious effort. Surmounting these limitations is imperative to every human being because this is everyone's ultimate destiny. On a practical note, with spiritual awareness, one's life on earth becomes trouble free and enjoyable.

lf you have the ideal life, but still feel that there is something amiss, or if you constantly feel that life is not functioning out the way you want it to, this book is meant for you. Immense measures taken by the majority of people to make their lives fruitful are usually ineffective. And we do not need empirical confirmation to prove this. There is more than enough evidence in the forms of failed relationships, unsettled finances, problematic children, nervous breakdowns; ...the list could be endless. Coping with life is a major crusade for most individuals, a perpetually losing battle with oneself.

The principles l outline here are capable of completely transforming your life from one of discontent to that of effortless satisfaction. Followed diligently they can singularly evolve you from an ordinary being to a true devotee on the Spiritual path. You will no more be a victim of circumstances, but will outline your own destiny, constantly defining your ultimate good. This book is not meant to be just read once and put aside. One has to be very persistent till all the precepts are thoroughly understood. And following that, a more concentrated effort with faith and belief is required till you achieve the desired results. Do not rest till you achieve your final goal of Self and Cod-Realization.

Defiance of conventionality is not an easy task. Likewise, challenging deep rooted beliefs and adopting a completely new way of functioning can be very intimidating. It takes time, patience and faith, and is a continuous challenge to your own self. However, with persistence aimed at Spiritual growth, you will find that every passing day is a beginning of making new discoveries and exploring new dimensions. As you keep proceeding with steadfast purpose, it is guaranteed that the L benefits will be self evident. And the resultant outcome will be your unadulterated oneness with your Divine Self.

Knowledge of the Truth is what brings freedom to the soul. Proceeding on the Spiritual path is a slow, albeit, interesting journey. Even in the secular world, a number of years of commitment are required before any real qualification is achieved. Likewise, rigorous and diligent effort is called for, before one has any real understanding of the Spiritual Processes. Conditions such as one’s age, circumstances, sex etc, should not be considered limiting. These constraints are only self imposed and illusionary, because we, as Spiritual Beings are much above all these.

No matter how many incarnations we go through, knowledge of the Spirit is the only thing which can bring any lasting peace to us. The final objective of human existence is complete liberation of the soul and our focus should be on achieving the goal in this lifetime itself. However, even the journey in itself can be most soul satisfying and enriching. Even a modest amount of progress on the spiritual path makes life much more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling.

All Spiritual texts expound the same principles. A book takes form when the writer cannot contain himself and has a profound compulsion to share his learning with everyone. Again, everyone's soul destiny is constantly propelling him towards fulfillment. The fact that you are holding this book in your hand is proof that Cosmic Intelligence has some message for you.

Again, this book is as much for me as it is for you. It is a pledge which I myself needed to honour before I could counsel others. Self honesty demanded that before stating any principle, I completely inculcate it in my own life. Bringing forth this book is not an attempt at sermonising. Neither do I profess to be a know all. Still on the path of learning, this is my humble endeavour to bring into open view whatever l have gathered from the teachings of learned Masters. These are the principles which have been followed since centuries and if pursued diligently, can lead us to liberation.

My own quest began with a very simple desire that no circumstance of my life should ever be capable of fazing me. It took me a very long time, and for years l had no clue as to how to go about. Challenging situations, which were an everyday affair only brought on a burning desire of overcoming, not just the existing condition, but any other future negative conditions too. To be in total command of my life had been my initial incentive. It was only after a lot of time and sincere application that I realized that Spiritual awareness is the only permanent solution to all human woes. This discovery and my subsequent development, I attribute more to the grace of Cod than my own efforts.

I consider all men and women to be one with me, extensions of my own Soul Self. A sincere desire prevails that the words of this book encourage you to embark on the path of self knowing. Look upon this presentation as a personal testimonial as to what really assists when one is dedicated to the ideal of self enhancement. Even if one life is benefited by my words, l consider my objective achieved.

These are times of great scepticism. Any theory unsupported by tangible proof is ridiculed and immediately dismissed. Again it is a time prejudiced to instant gratification. Only those ideas and agendas are welcome which proffer instant results. Spiritual progress on the other hand, fulfils none of these demands. It is a very long drawn process. The A results, when they come can never be measured by any practical A means, but can only be verified by one’s inner transformation, which is a very private matter. Spiritual credence is abstract, I subjective, elusive and hard to describe.

Any person’s spiritual development does not conform to any scientific principles and cannot be verified or measured by any known categorization. Precisely for this reason, very often, any phenomenon that is out of the ordinary is subject to mockery and the initiator labelled a charlatan.

Here l would like to make a mention of a great Yogi, Shri Paramhansa Yogananda. He was a Divine Master, a truly enlightened Soul. If you were to make a study of his life, you A will come across innumerable incidents which can be classified f as nothing less than miracles. There are various instances which will incite even the most cynical among you to concur that this Saint shared a direct communion with the Almighty.

Paramhan’s ji made a conscious exit from this world on the night of March 7* 1957. in Los Angeles, California. Even weeks after his demise, there were no visual signs of decay in his body. The body was under daily observation at the mortuary According to the testimony of the Mortuary Director of Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Harry T Rowe, the muscle protein and blood stream of Shri Paramhansaji’s body were so free of bacteria, that no deterioration could take place. This state of perfect self preservation of a body has been unparallel so far. This in itself speaks of the power of spiritual growth if one chooses to be whole heartedly dedicated to one’s chosen ideal.

Therefore, l urge you to soon resolve to recreate yourself, your life and your circumstances. Make a firm determination to make your spiritual progression your primary concern. You have all the guidance you need and the only other thing required is your commitment. Your spiritual development is the only panacea to your life here, and hereafter.

Embarking on the path to Spirituality, you are guaranteed an inner transformation from turmoil to peace. This in itself should be incentive enough for you to take the first step. Many people consider Spirituality as a pursuit to be indulged in after one’s retirement, little realizing that life is too short for all what one needs to achieve. Spiritualism is not .1 leisure activity or a pastime, it is a way of life to be lived every day. Life on this earth is too short and the real purpose has to be soon discovered and pursued.

The basic principle outlined in this book is very simple; that we are Spiritual Beings, individualized units of Supreme Consciousness, rather than mere mortals, and to always conduct ourselves from that standpoint. To realize this truth at the soul level is Self- Realization. But though this premise is extremely uncomplicated and simple, it is often observed that people face great difficulty in actual comprehension of this fact. Initially it leaves them very confused also. This happens because it is extremely difficult to overcome .one’s habitual thoughts and acquired tendencies, and subscribe to .1 new theory altogether. A major impediment inhibiting comprehension is the conventional wisdom emphasising that Cod is separate from us and has to be related to in that manner. Immense effort is called for before there is any significant change in one’s mental and psychological perceptions.

At times people even encounter a sense of loss and confusion, as if nothing is making sense. It is at this juncture that most people give up and dismiss the whole practice. l request you not to give up and to persist till you succeed. This book is not just aimed at directing one to living life in the right manner. My locus here is on our spiritual growth which liberates us from all bondage. Complete liberation of consciousness is the ultimate goal of every human being and you should not give up till you achieve that destination. It may require constant reflection before the precepts outlined here become easy to understand and to practice. But these are the teachings which have been handed down the ages, and can assist us to liberate ourselves from endless cycles of birth and death. As you keep proceeding with diligent dedication, further information which is required will keep revealing itself to you.

Throughout this book the word ’self' with a lower case s refers to our illusive sense of self, which is so completely identified with the mind and body characteristics, it deems that to be our real identity. The use of the upper case Q is indicative of our quintessential Self, the real essence of our Being. The same applies for the use of b and § in the term 'being’.


Preface ix
1. What is Authentic Spiritual Growth? 1
2. Why Do We Need To Be Spiritual? 7
3. What Prevents Us From Being Spiritual? 11
4. Making a Conscious Decision 15
5. Understanding Creation at the Soul Level 21
6. Common Errors in Thinking and How to Overcome Them 25
7. Understand Karma and Make It Work For You 35
8. Maintaining Our Mental Equilibrium 39
9. Imbibe Virtues That are Life Enhancing 49
10. Why It Is Important T0 Have a Prosperity Consciousness? 63
11. Practices Which Make the Fulfilment of Our Soul Destiny Possible 75
12. Meditation 91
13. Guidelines to Right Living 103
14. Final Word 109

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