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Stories Told by the Mother (1)

Stories Told by the Mother (1)
Item Code: IDJ142
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pandicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8170586453
Pages: 131 (Black and White Illustrations 18)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
weight of the book 240 gms

Compiler's Note

These stories are not just stories, they are revelations of living truths conveyed to us by the Mother. Apart from one or two, the stories have been culled from her "Questions and Answers", the English translation of her "Entretiens" in French.

These anecdotes were first published in French in 1994 under the title "La Mere Raconte". Now, at the beginning of a new millennium, we are happy to publish an English version of them. If they bring the reader closer to the Mother, their purpose will be well served.

With love and gratitude for all she has given us-and is still giving -we offer this work at her feet.


Can a Child be conscious of its Inner Truth? 1
The Most Important Thing 3
The Golden Pencil 5
Half a Mango 7
The Boastful Master 9
To Know What One Wants 11
Aspiration in the Physical 13
Untidy Room-Untidy Mind 15
The Dancing Disorder 17
Laziness and "Tamas" 19
The Painter and His Violin 20
Instinct: the Psychic of Animals 22
Kiki in Trance 24
Kiki Stung by a Scorpion 27
Aspiration 31
The Greedy Goat 32
True Modesty 33
Wiser than Man 35
The Scientist and the Cobra 38
True Courage 40
The Subtle Body 44
The Power of Imagination 47
Optimism a la coue 49
One Grape Every Two Steps 53
Food for a Nightmare 55
Friendship with the Sun 57
Shooting Star 59
Child Prodigies 61
Flower Are Extremely Receptive 65
Six Hundred Vegetables 67
Vegetables Speak 69
Think in the Stomach 71
Art and Yoga 74
The Art of Japan 76
The Woman who Knew How to Walk 81
How Mother Works in Our Consciousness 83
Tiger Becomes…Tiny Little Cat! 85
Alexandra David-Neel and Mr. Tiger 88
Atmosphere and Accidents 91
Premonitions 95
Subtle Visions 98
Sudden Wonder 101
Reminiscences of Tlemcen 103
The Aura of Sri Aurobindo 111
All the Clocks Had Stopped 113
You are too Perfect to be Here 116
Play and Consciousness 118
March Past 120
Where do the Gods come From? 123
Yusuf and the Little Mouse 126

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