A Text Book of Rasashastra
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A Text Book of Rasashastra

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Author: P. Sekhar Reddy
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788176372381
Pages: 516 (12 B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 9.50 X 7.00 inch
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About the Book

Ayurveda the divine science is deals about various treatment aspects. In this science, Rasashastra (Hindu chemistry) is having its existence from Vedic period on words. It is science which speaks about mercury and its various procedures. This science is not only developed for to treat the diseases but also to bring our physical body like iron. Many other metals, minerals, gemstones, calcium compounds and few poisonous drugs also play in mercurial procedures. This science is having immensity compare to other branches of the holistic science, because with low dose we will treat the disease and also it is the answer for the chronic diseases. Present days we will get many books on Rasashastra, authors are tried to explain the matter in their own ways. This book is designed according to new CCIM revised syllabus and more helpful to UG and PG students, teachers and research scholars. This book is boon for Rasashastra lovers.

About the Author

Dr. P. Sekhar Reddy is an eminent scholar of ayurveda who is basically from Velavali village (Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh). He has completed his U. G. from S. V. Ayurvedic College Tirupati and has done MD in Rasashastra and Bhaishajyakalpna from Pandit Taranath Government Ayurvedic College Bellary.

He attended many national and international seminars and presented various papers related to Ayurveda. Now he is working in SDM College of Ayurveda as Assistant professor in the Dept. of Rasashatra and and Bhaishajyakalpana.


Rasashastra a branch of Ayurveda deals with metals, minerals and herbo-minral formulations. Rasa preparations occupy superiority in Ayurveda due to fast actions less dosage, tastelessness and long lasting shelf life of medicinal preparations.

Though there are several texts on Rasashastra, still there is a need of text book in. English language written as per CCIM syllabus. The book 'Text book of Rasashastra’ written as per revised CCIM syllabus is a ready reference for both UG and PG students. Dealing of subject in a systematic way with modern explanation including recent advances is appreciable.

The style of explanation and arrangement of topics indicates the experience and expertise of the author. I personally would like to recommend this book for all the students of Rasashastra.

I congratulate the author for the efforts in bringing out this book and wish grand success in all his future endeavours.


Rasashastra is the Indian-chemistry, which has history from Vedic period; it deals about the mercury and other metals and minerals. Without having the knowledge of Rasashastra we cannot understand the Herbo-mineral combination and its actions properly. It is my sincere work which was keeping in front of you; I think my work will helpful to students as well as teachers. Significant of this work is matter is in systemic manner with appropriate references and useful to the student of U.G and P.G. I presented by using simple English, which can understand easy for everyone. First of all I express my Humbleness and bow my head to the lotus feet of Paramapujya Dr. Virendra hedge, who is the Dharmadhikari of Kshetra Dharmastala, Vice president Prof. Prabhakar, Shree Surendra Kumar, Secretaries:- Prof. Yashovarma, Shree Harshendra Kumar, and C.E.O: Prof. Jeevandhar.

I express my Humbleness to my teachers and honourable professors, who are Dr. Nagireddy, Dr. V.V Prasad, DR Prasanna N Rao, Dr. Rajaih, Dr. Parashuramireddy,’ Dr. A.R.V Murthy, Dr. K.L Reddy, Dr. U.N Prasad, Dr. Yerriswami, Dr. Sidhanandanmishra, Dr. Vilas dole, Dr. Lakshmikanthdwivedhi, Dr. Dhamodharajoshi, Dr. Suresh. P, Dr. Shankara Rao. Dr. Sarsetti, Dr. B.BJhoshi, Dr. Shobha Gheeramat, Dr. M.C Patil, Dr. Bhulushuseetaram, Dr. Rammohan, Dr. Dhorati, Dr. Badradev, Dr. Nisteswar, Dr. Doddamani -Bellari, Dr. Himasagarachandramurti, Dr. Ranganayakulu, Dr. Muralikrishna, Dr. Swayamprakash, Dr. SankarBabu Dr. DathatreyaRao, Dr. BhaskarRaoDr. Sundharam, Dr. Sudhakarrao, Dr. Krishnai, Dr. Parvati, Dr. Padamavati, Dr. Nagaraju-mysore, Dr. C.BJah, Dr. Ramachandrareddy, Dr. Nageswara-rao, Dr. Dhinesh-kumar-misra, Dr. Satyanarayana-bhat Dr. Ashok.D.Satpute, Dr. Nirajkumar, Dr. Anadkumarchowdary, Dr. Prajapati, Dr. Patghiri, Dr. Galib, Dr. Prasanna.N.Rao, Dr. Lakshmisu-upadyaya, Dr. Sanjai, Dr. Mona, Dr. Hemathkumar, Dr. Govidarajulu, Dr. Usha- Govindarajulu, Dr. BV.Prasanna, Dr. K.R.Ramachsndra, Dr. Y.N Shetty, Dr. Sreekant. U, Dr. Muralidharsharma, Dr. Maridevasharma; Dr. Shreedhraholla, Dr D.N Sharma, Dr. Subramanyabhat, Dr. Prabhakara- upadyaya, Dr. Doddamani, Dr. Kanti, Dr. Sreenivasaachari, Dr. Deepak, Dr. RajashekharPande.

I Gratefulness to my colleagues Dr. Sujata, Dr. Ravindraangadi, Dr. Sudhindrahonvad, Dr. Gitesh, Dr. Murali, Dr. Ashokkumar, Dr. Setumadhavamurty, Dr. Nagaraju, Dr. NeeranjanRao, Dr. Sreedharbhairy, Dr. Jonah, Dr. Ramadevi, Dr. Mamata, Dr. Srikanth U, Shree:Subhramanyabhat, Dr. Prasannamogasale,: Dr. Veerakumar,. Dr. Prasanna.T, Dr. Bhaskar Reddy, Dr. Shasibhushan, Dr. Girishkrishnan, Dr. Ramana Reddy, Dr. Rajanarashimham, Dr. Vani, Dr. Nagaraju.P, Dr. Harikrishna, Dr. Sankara gouda, Dr. Vasrat, Dr. Surekhamedikeri, Dr. Hampannavar, Dr. Prasanthjadar, Dr. Lakshikurle, Dr. Chaitra, Dr. Suchitakumari, Dr. Sumamalya, Dr. Faisal, Dr. Prahalad, Dr. Rajendrapai, Dr. Nitin, Dr. Puranik, Dr. Srilatha-kamat, Dr. J ayakrishnanaik, Dr. Sharanesh, Dr. Gopikrishna, Dr. Gopikrishna-sreeram, Dr. Krishnamoorty, Dr. Vidhyaballal, Dr. Sapnabhandar, Dr. Vidyalakshimi, Dr. Rajyatakshmi, Dr: Soubhagya, Dr. Prashanthbhat, Dr. Anirudh, Dr. Vijayendrabhat, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Veenamayi, Dr. Ushaparvati, Dr. Padhmakiran, Dr. Karim, Dr. Mukundha, Dr. Joshi, Dr. Danappagouda, etc.

My thanks to my students Dr. Mohanan, Dr. Manoj, Dr. Sudhindra, Dr. Deshapande- Bhimasen, Dr. Prakash- Deshapande, Dr. Kannan, Dr. Seenu, Dr. Sreedhar, Dr. Sudheera,Dr. Vinaichandhar-setti, Dr. Gopikrishna, Dr. Sangolibendappa Dr. Sapna, Dr. Preyadhrshani, Dr. Soumya, Dr. Aswiniambalpady, Dr. Sushanth, Dr. Gopal.T, Dr. Archanakamat, Dr. Parthipan, Dr. Jayaprakash, Dr. Devanathan, Dr. Yoga narashimha, Dr. Santhoshkulakarni, Dr. Sudhaacharya, Dr. Balu-Kola etc. | I remember my wife P.Ramadevi who has helped lot in my work and also remember my family members - Daughter - P. Pravallika, Sons - J. Rajashekar - reddy & P. Yoganarashimhareddy.

I express special thanks Shree Atul Guptaji -Chaukhambha Orientalia, Varanasi.

I remember the non teaching and administrative staff of college and Hospital who are Mr. Sreenivasa hedge, Mr. Nagesh, Mr. Harishbhat, Mr. Raghavendrabhat, Mr. Naveen, Mrs. Lakshi, Mrs. Gayatri, Mrs. Asweeni, Mr. Govindanaik, Mr. Narayana, Mr. Gopalnaik, Mr. Donald, Mr.Nachiket, Mr. Shivarai, Mr. Santhosh, Mr. Ramesh, Mrs. Baby, Mr. Manju, Mr. Ashok, Mr. Herald, Mr. Ram-narashimha Reddy etc."

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