The Ulitmate Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom
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The Ulitmate Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom

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Author: Sanjay Goel
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789352065868
Pages: 102
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About the Book

What is the purpose of life? Do worldly success, material comforts, health and wealth ensure happiness and peace?

What are good and bad Karmas? What causes all that happens to us in this life... our karma or fate?

Is there a state called death? Is there rebirth after death?

Is everything preordained, or are we responsible for our doings?

How can we achieve ultimate peace and bliss? These are some of the questions that we keep asking ourselves all the time...

Drawing from the wisdom of ancient Vedic philosophy and personal experience, the answers to these and many more such oft repeated questions are touched upon, going on to cover the gist of the Vedantas and the supremacy of Karma Yoga, interspersed with practical tips for modern day life, such as the qualities of a good leader, who is an ideal Guru, the effects of philosophy on health, benefits of meditation, etc..

About the Author

The author is a practicing Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, who specializes in Human Rights and Public Interest matters.

Since his childhood, he has been keenly interested in spirituality, philosophy and ancient Vedic knowledge.and has devoted a lot of time on the research of these subjects. The observations in the book are based upon his own personal experiences and research on the subject.

A large number of similar articles written by him have already been published in Speaking Tree (Times of India) and The Hindustan Times Newspaper.


This book discusses the most fundamental aspects of life such as the purpose of our existence, human nature and the effect of thinking and philosophy on our psychological and physical health. It goes on to detail the various methods of meditation and their effect on physical health as well as on the ultimate quest to reach the Supreme.

It deals with death, the soul, ancient Vedic philosophy, non-violence, the effect of philosophy on relationships and achievements in life, dreams and detachment.

It guides a person on how to lead a balanced life and attain the ultimate purpose of human existence, which is peace and bliss. It explains that the human mind is always disturbed, restless and wandering in the past, present and future. Due to ignorance and attachments, there is the false belief that these materialistic objects would give more satisfaction and happiness than at present or more than what one already has. The more he obtains these objects, the more man's desires increase, like adding fuel to fire and he is always torn between the dualities of life-death, happiness-sorrow, gain-loss, good-evil and so on.

Only that person who understands that there is nothing to achieve or lose in this world can rise above these dualities, as the two sides of dualities like life-death, happiness-sorrow, gain-loss, good-evil and so on shall always be equal to each other, and one cannot exist without an equal amount of the other. The person who understands the above truth knows that he is neither living nor dead, neither happy nor unhappy, neither good nor evil and so on. He rises above these dualities, does all his duties in life without any desire or aversion and attains ultimate peace and bliss.

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