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Item Code: NAW778
Author: M. Rajagopalacharya
Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 32
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.04 kg
If a beautiful garden is to be raised, one needs to take proper care of tender flower plants. In the same way in order to create a good society, great care needs to be taken of young children who are going to be future citizens of India. All their intellectual attainments will be futile if they fail to learn of their culture and its greatness. They need to be told of great men and women of this country so that they are inspired by their ideals. The essentials of our culture should be given to them in the form of simple and charming stories. They will cherish these ideals and be guided by them. They will promote good and they will love the society they live in. They make their families proud and bring great prestige to their country when they grow up into good citizens.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams have brought out these booklets for children in Telugu under Srinivasa Bala Bharati Series. Although meant for children, they are useful to the elderly too. They have found place in the book shelves of every family. The stories of legendary men and women are narrated in a simple way. We hope that more and more children will read them and profit by them.

I congratulate Dr. Samudrala Lakshmanaiah, Editor-in-Chief, TTD for his efforts in bringing out the English translations of SRINIVASA BALA BHARATI SERIES so well. We have received co-operation of many learned men and women in our efforts to popularize this series. I am thankful to them.

It was pitch darkness all around. There flashed a divine light Akalpa from a distance. There was a sami tree. Underneath it, there was an infant whose looks you cannot avoid. A halo of light was around Vikalpa him. What a wonder? Isn't he the child of a mother? A great mother An vikalpa is taking him up into her lap. Somebody is standing by her side, Mahapa maybe, her husband. How charming is this lad? He appears to be a man born for a cause. Isn't he Lord Sri Krishna? Who else can he Born for a Can be? He is the well-known Vallabhacharya, born of Kakarla Laxmana Bhattu and Yellamma. It is said that he emerged from Vaishwanara Lord Sril fire with the divine aspect of Lord Sri Krishna.

" Dear child of Telugu land, Vallabhacharya is an unparalleled Yuge ("I wil devotee who travelled all over the country several times giving every yuga to discourses on the Bhagavata (Saptahas). Such was his selflessness Himself on thus that when Emperor Krishnadevaraya anointed him with gold coins, skepticism at he accepted only seven of them and distributed the remaining ones people. He wil to all the other scholars. When Rustum Ali erected a machine for the hearts of Hindus visiting Madhura to change their tufts of hair (sikhas) into messages, action, beards, he retaliated by arranging a machine for the Muslims going The divine except to Delhi to transform their beards into tufts of hair. His self-restraint itself in every. and commitment to dharma are laudable and exemplary.

Vallabhacharya proposed the Pushti Marga vindicating God's Madhvacharya Grace as the highest end of life. The service motto and selflessness belongs Maha of the Acharya are worthy of emulation.

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