Venus Mars (Love and Marriage)
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Venus Mars (Love and Marriage)

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Author: P. Khurrana
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9789390260188
Pages: 154
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About the Book

Those who know astrology only predict what might take place in the future. Except the Creator, Brahma, who can say with any certainty what will happen in the days that lie ahead of us? As with everything else in our lives, so too is it difficult to say with authority whether ou marriages or live-in relationships will be rough or happy...

Venus and Mars are the planets which play a very important role in love and marriage. Venus symbolizes love, sex and comfort. It can also play havoc with a marriage. Mars can also bring misery into a marriage; it indicates dispute, divorce, accidents, and even murder. How can the malign influence of Mars be neutralized? Can a mangalik and a non-mangalik ever marry each other? What are the prerequisites for a happy marriage?

Celebrity astrologer P. Khurrana provides fundamental and practical insights into marriages or live-in relationships in this enlightening guide. Venus Mars gives readers the low-down on the matching of horoscopes and astro-analysis into marital happiness and offers important insight and advice for every zodiac sign. Its approach will make the process of searching for a suitable match much easier if followed and understood properly. And, it will help most couples lead a very happy and successful married life.

About the Author

P. Khurrana has been pursuing the subjects of astrology, mantras, numerology, sun signs, vaastu and tarot with great passion, over the years. Columnist, author and a devotee of Lord Shiva, he has featured as an astrologer on television channels such as India News, Live India, Zee News, ABP News and Big FM (92.7). He is often invited for the muhurats of Bollywood films and is an advisor to many actors and business tycoons. To know more about the author, log on to


Venus and Mars are the only planets that play a very important role in family bliss. Any chart may have most of the planets in beneficial positions, but a couple will not enjoy marital bliss only if Venus and Mars are malefic. How far you will enjoy physical and mental comfort with your partner depends upon the placement of Venus and Mars. Of course, the study of Jupiter is also equally important.

Those who understand the accurate position of Venus and Mars will agree that my approach makes the process of searching for a suitable match much easier if followed and understood properly. In addition, most couples will be able to lead a very happy, successful and long married life with this advice.

Matching charts for marriage has its own scope and also limitations. A chart that shows loss of spouse within months or a year or two after marriage, can benefit from astrological counselling through matching and manage to push the eventuality to a reasonably distant time in the future. Since a chart is bound by Karmic parameters, matching cannot bring out miracles. However, it can be an effective tool to fight premature loss of spouse and minimize other problems that occur between spouses.


Marriage counselling is a complicated affair. On the one hand, it is the most popular and constructive aspect of astrology, while on the other, it raises the question of thwarting any possible planetary impact. It also involves the question of the significance of marriage itself. What is the meaning of harmony in marital life? What is the purpose of marriage as an institution? The modern trend of unconventional marriages also needs to be taken into account, and above all, the astrologer should also be very clear in his/her mind as to what he/she is striving to achieve. Is he/she trying to warn his/her client of the impending danger, or is he/she going to indicate the possible consequences and adjustment problems likely to be faced in a given marital partnership? What are the possible difficulties in marriages and how can the contracting parties deal with those difficulties? And above all, what is the meaning of marriage itself from a deeper standpoint? These are some of the questions that astrologers ought to be aware of before venturing into the realm of marriage counselling.

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