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Verses From The Holy Qur'an and The Facts of Science

Verses From The Holy Qur'an and The Facts of Science
Item Code: NAG986
Author: Dr. Haluk Nurbaki
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: Arabic Text With English Translation
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8171512585
Pages: 392
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 625 gms
About The Book

The Glorious Qur'an, the Holy Book of Islam, is unlike any other sacred scripture in the world: It is the Constitution of the universe. As such, any attempt to discover scientific truth will approximate the Qur'an more closely and more accurately the more profound it becomes. Since the Qur'an is itself Truth, the range of meanings that each word of the Qur'an provides defines the limits within which any truth may be found as its subject. Each age and each stage of scientific truth highlights a different interpretation of the Qur'an from among the ensemble of all possible interpretations.

In this widely acclaimed book, oncologist Dr. Haluk Nurbaki selects fifty verses from the Qur'an for comparison with the latest discoveries of modem science.

With ease and alacrity, Dr. Nurbaki demonstrates how each verse sheds light on not merely one but several aspects of modem science. This book is a resounding refutation of claims to the effect that science and religion are in irreconcilable antagonism. It is a book to read, to treasure, and to return to again and again.


While the daily progress of technology and civilization has brought many comforts and benefits to mankind, it has also produced various problems in its wake. Even though contemporary man is more comfortable in comparison with past ages, it is not possible to claim that he is happier. Mental strain arising from socioeconomic causes, psychological and spiritual stress wear him down and make him restless. He lives together with the entire world in his own home, feeling the whole world's burden of suffering and pain on his back. Even in some ultraconservative families, who proudly claim they have never gone to a movie, the TV set occupies the dominant position in the household, majestically continuing its reign.

Rapid communications, annoying and noisy lights usher away the calm, thinking, feeling human being: Such an environment precludes the birth and development of exceptional intelligence, of great minds. Contemporary man has little time to read, let alone books of large volume. He consoles himself by watching and listening.

Our handbook series is intended to introduce the reader to subjects of psychic and spiritual value, in brief but also in essence, aiming at factual coverage. We shall count ourselves fortunate if we are able to contribute to the con- templative life through such publications. We wish for the help of God in this endeavor.


If all the human beings in the world were to attempt to describe the greatness of the Glorious Koran for all their lives, they would still be unable to do so. The Koran is the Logos secret of divine art.

When our Beloved Prophet was asked: "Messenger of God, every prophet has a miracle. What is yours?", he answered: "The Word of God." The logos secret is a mystery specific to the Glorious Koran. For the logos is not just ordinary talk or communication: It is the embodiment of a living truth in a single word.

For this reason, all the verses of the Koran are enwrapped in the mystery of "the living". They are always vital; they live. Beings are enabled to live through this mystery of God. Unless this wisdom is appreciated, and this is no easy task, it is not possible to understand the Koran.

All writings except the Koran are doomed to wane and to lose their validity. Everything is finite. The truth is emerging that the Koran is more alive and everlasting with each passing day. Its scientific wisdom is, as it were, rejuvenated with the passage of time. Although its verses are always alive, our eyes are able to perceive their secret only within time. Every generation discovers their wisdom anew. Doubtless this will be true for future generations as well.

The meaning of a verse may be compared to a rosebud: it is hidden by successive layers of petals. A new meaning is perceived as each petal unfolds. For this reason, the verses have many different interpretations and meanings. It is quite incorrect to assign a single interpretation to the Koran's verses and to claim that that is the only possible meaning. It is more appropriate to use permissive expressions in interpretation -for example, "one meaning of the verse is such - and - such."

Before proceeding with the explanation of the verses I shall interpret in this book, I find it useful to remind the reader of certain points which should be borne in mind where the meaning and interpretation of Koranic verses are concerned. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the subtle nuance between the "meaning" and the "interpretation" of the verses. "Meaning" is an act of translation; that is, it is the task of translating from one language directly into another. On the other hand, "interpretation" is the activity of explanation and explication within a wider context.

The following points need to be kept in view while translating Koranic chapters and verses into other languages:

1. Translation should be made in accordance with the rules of both languages. Interpretations should not be included in the text.

2. A word whose precise correlate does not exist should not be expressed by the second-best choice. The original should be preserved as is, and explained in the interpretation section.

3. If a word with several meanings has been translated in only one of its senses, the others must also be treated in the explanatory section. Utmost care should be taken to avoid forced explanations and contrivances, even when these are well-intentioned, for the Word of God cannot tolerate the slightest distortion.

The most reliable of interpretations is the one made by recourse to other verses, to the Prophet's sayings (Traditions'), or to the words of the Prophet's Companions. The etymological and grammatical principles of the Arabic language are also important sources, as are the rules of rhetoric and eloquence. The sources listed may nevertheless prove insufficient in interpreting certain verses. This is where scientific advances and technological inventions will provide the path of greatest illumination.

Many verses of the Glorious Koran dealing with the physics of the cosmos have neither been published collectively, nor has a satisfactory explanation been provided for them. In order to partially fulfill this difficult task, it has a satisfactory explanation been provided for them. In order to partially fulfill this difficult task, it has occurred to me to compile the interpretations of 50 verses which I have been preparing for many years in five books of-ten verses each.

Following a review of all major publications in the fields of contemporary physics and astrophysics, I have tried to present the reliable scientific facts side by side with the Koran's scientific miracles to the reader. In relating the most recent and Involved issues in the fields of physics and astrophysics (the "physics of the cosmos"), I have found further simplification impossible at certain points. I hope to be excused by my readers. This is an inevitability imposed by the very nature of the subject.

My sole purpose is to share my knowledge with my brethren. I ask the forgiveness of my readers for any mistakes of interpretation. Our exalted Book is far beyond any flaw: If there are omissions and mistakes, they are mine alone. I begin by taking refuge in the bounty and mercy of God, the lord of Universe.

May God grant us all the behavior deserving of his favor.


A Subtlety of the Koran: The Secrets of the Atmosphere18
1. Atmospheric Heat21
2. The Properly Proportioned Gravitation of the Earth22
3. Inviolability of Atmospheric Equilibrium by Various Radiant Energies in Space24
Unknown Loci of the Universe 28
1.White Holes (Quasars)30
2.Black Holes30
A Nobel Prize-winning Theory's Place in the Koran36
1. Those the Earth Produces .38
2.Pairs of Their Selves39
3.Paris We Don't Know Of40
The Koran Foretells Oil44
The Mysteries of Rain52
TOPIC 6 59
The Atomic Nucleus60
The Secret of Dimensions 68
The Koran Reveals the Rotation of the Earth74
The Verse That Showed Cousteau The Right Way80
TOPIC 1085
The Secret of Vitality in the Soil86
TOPIC 1195
Washup, The Best Prescription for Good Health96
a) The Influence of Washup on the Circulatory System96
b) The Influence of Washup on the Immune System (Lymphatic Circulation)98
c) Washup and the Static Electricity of the Body100
TOPIC 12103
The Subtleties of Conception104
TOPIC 13111
Water and Vitality112
TOPIC 14117
The Day Will Come When Everyone Will Fast118
a) The Influence of Fasting on the Digestive System119
b)The Benefits of Fasting to the Circulatory System121
c)The Effect of Fasting on Cells121
d) The Effect of Fasting on the Nervous System122
e) Blood Formation and the Subtleties of Fasting123
TOPIC 16125
The Three Dark Zones in the Mother's Abdomen126
al The First Dark Zone127
b) The Second Dark Zone129
c) The Third Dark Zone130
TOPIC 16131
The Koran Foretells Oxygen132
TOPIC 17137
The Master Reckoner: The Bee 138
a) The Subtleties in the Composition of Honey139
b) Royal Jelly140
c) Other Substances in Honey141
d) Effect on Cell Regeneration142
e) The Properties and Effects of Honey Collected from Different Regions143
TOPIC 18145
Alcohol: The Final Enemy of Civilization146
a) Ths Influence of Alcohol on the Digestive System147
b) The Influence of Alcohol on the Circulatory System150
c) The Influence of Alcohol on the Nervous System151
d) The Genetic Effects of Alcohol152
e) The Psychosocial Effects of Alcohol152
TOPIC 19155
The Scientific Aspects of Time156
1. What Do The Verses Say?159
What Does Science Say?159
2.What Do The Verses Say?160
What Does Science Say?160
TOPIC 20161
The Creation of the Universe162
TOPIC 21169
The Sevendfold Heavens170
Sab'a Samawatin Tibaqan175
TOPIC 22179
Prayer and Mental Health 180
TOPIC 23187
Mysteries of the Camel188
TOPIC 24193
Pages of the Cosmos194
TOPIC 25197
The Creation of Jesus and Adam198
What is the Myth of Evolution?199
The Most Progressive Evolutionists200
Adam and Man207
TOPIC 26 211
The Ellipsoidal or Spheroidal Shape of the Earth212
TOPIC 27217
The Samed Secret218
TOPIC 28223
The Mystery of Mountains224
TOPIC 29227
Program and Predestination228
1.The Biographies of Atoms and Molecules229
2.Organic Cells229
3. Planets, Galaxies and Their Divine Programs of Destiny230
TOPIC 30231
The Expanding Universe232
TOPIC 31235
The Microcosmic Records in the Computer Center of Divine Omniscience236
What is the Microcosmos?237
TOPIC 32243
Secrets of the Attribute: Provider of the World'244
TOPIC 33249
The Calamities That Visited the Nations of Hood and Ad250
TOPIC 34255
Man is Loss256
TOPIC 35263
The Axis of the Universe, Transformation and Recipracity264
TOPIC 36269
The Situation of Those in the Heavens and or Earth at the Resurrection270
The Jinn273
TOPIC 37277
Transformations of life and Death278
TOPIC 38285
The Incredible Computerized Balance of the Earth286
TOPIC 39293
The Infinite Beauty of God's Creative Choices (Shan)294
TOPIC 40301
The Secrets Borne on the Wind302
TOPIC 41307
The Big Bang Theory308
TOPIC 42315
The Perils of Pork Meat316
TOPIC 43323
The Fuel of Hell324
TOPIC 44331
Secrets of the Heart332
TOPIC 45347
The Fractures of the Earth348
TOPIC 46355
The Fairest of Statures356
TOPIC 47363
The Mystery of the 'Be' Command364
TOPIC 48373
The Secret of Paradise374
TOPIC 49381
The Importance of Mothers' Milk382
1.The Nature of Mothers' Milk382
2. Suckling Intervals and the Duration of Nursing384
3. The Boons of Suckling for the Mother385
TOPIC 50387
The Miracle of the Virgin Birth388
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