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Vihangama Yoga :The Science of Consciousness (An old and Rare Book)

Vihangama Yoga :The Science of Consciousness (An old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NAR301
Author: Madan Mohan Rai
Publisher: Meharchand Lakshmandas Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 342
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.5 kg
About the Book

Vihangama Yoga is a Vedic system of meditation which is one of the quickest methods of God-realisation, from among the various other Hindu mystic systems described in scriptures. It is practised with the help of "Surati" and "Nirati", the subtle rays of the soul, which is conscious by nature. During trance these conscious forces travel Niradhara in Brahmaloka like the bird flies in Antarikshaloka. At the higher stage of Sadhana Surati of a Yogi is transformed into Nirati and then the Nirati of such Yogi gets connected with the Supreme Spirit who enjoys the bliss of the Brahman. Such excellent yogi in the last attains "Moksha" the highest goal, under "Purushartha Chatusthaya". We had lost this heritage with the loss of Mantra Drasta Rishis in the great war of Mahabharata, which has been revived now. Speciality of this Yoga is that all the Yogic actions are governed from Akshara Mandala; the highest conscious zone, and are regulated, channelled, guided and streamlined by Sadguru with the power of integration and disintegration of Paramanus. Its practical system is purely rational and has been proved by Aditya Himalaya Yogi Maharshi Sadaphal Dev in Ecstasy and tested by the author during Sadhana.

About the Author

Madan Mohan Rai born in Distt. Ballia (U.P.) in a Bhumihara Brahmin family of Nonhul descent, belongs to Parashurama Dynasty in Kashyapa Gotra. He rounded off his educational career with a Postgraduate Degree from the University of Allahabad. After completing studies, he joined the Indian Air Force and underwent training for G.D. (Pilot) ,in 1962 but subsequently withdrew from there and joined Central Bureau of Investigation in 1963. By virtue of commendable works exhibited in the profession he was awarded the Indian Police Medal for meritorious services in 1985. He is still in service in the Govt. of India holding the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police.

While on tenture in the Himalayan region of Sikkim he came across one saint by name Anubhavananda of the vulnerable order of Vihangama yogi Maharsi Sadaphal Devji, who initiated him and his wife Smt. Sumitra Devi in the path of Vihangama Yoga. The initiation given by him was quite mystifying. It led them both to several quick spiritual exposures and ignited the mercurial hunger in them for the Divine quest. They subsequently came at the feet of Parampara Sadguru and Acarya Svatantra Devji Maharaja who initiated them for Sadhana of Aksara Mandala. Shri Rai there after devoted most of his pastime in spiritual Anusthanas, studies of scriptures, treatise on Yoga, the 'mystic part of Buddhism, Tantrika systems, the Esoteric part of different religions of oriental and the occidental Masters. He held holy spiritual discourses and contributed articles on the sophisticated part of this science which were published in the magazines of national repute.

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