Voice of The Heart (Songs of Devotion From The Mystics) (Hindi Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

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Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: Hindi Text with Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788184662368
Pages: 452
Cover: Hardcover
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Originally published in the Indian languages as Binati aur Prarthana ke Shabd, this anthology brings together heartfelt prayers or shabds by twenty-eight mystics who lived in the Indian subcontinent between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although the mystics came from different spiritual traditions and walks of life, their voice is one because it is a universal voice of longing for the Lord.

The Great Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, when explaining the meaning of prayer in his book Philosophy of the masters. Refers to the Persian word dua meaning ‘call’–calling on the Lord for help. Prayer, he said, “should come from the heart .Our heart, head and tongue should agree. Pray in such a manner that your inner feelings are aroused, every pore begins to weep, and all your veins become like the strings of a violin. The feeling of love should pour forth, and your should become absorbed in your prayer.”

The living Masters of Beas have taught the way to fulfill this longing of the heart for over one hundred years. Wherever a saint serves others, people gather. Like bees attracted to flowers, seekers are drawn irresistibly into the circle of the saint , for they sense that through the mystic, they will find what they seek. They shabds in this book have been sung day after day over the years before satsang by seekers of God wanting to become receptive to the divine.

For this new edition, English translations of the shabds are presented along with the original text in Hindi script as well as transliteration for those who are familiar with the original language but cannot read the script. It is our hope that this three-language format will serve well the ever-growing community f devotees wherever they live in the world.

Many of the English translation have been published by us earlier. While we appreciate that no poetic expression can convey the same endeavour has been to stay as close as possible to the meaning of the original while rendering the verses in natural contemporary English and avoiding expanded interpretation. Line numbers have been given in the Hindi text as well as the translation for cross –reference. Brief footnotes and a glossary are provided to give the meaning of terms and concepts that may be unfamiliar to the reader. For those who wish to find the English translation of particular shabds, an index of first lines in transliteration for cross-reference. Brief concepts that may be unfamiliar to t he reader. For those who wish to find the English translation of particular shabds, an index of first lines in transliteration as well as translation is given.

It is our hope that this anthology will serve to remind us of the mystic teachings and renew the spirit of the teachings in ourselves, inspiring us to live in the Lord’s will through the life of devotion praised so highly by the saints in these in these shabds.




Preface vii  
Voice of the Heart 1  
Bani sant Namdev Ji 2  
Bani Sant Tukaram JI 8  
Bani Sant Kabir Ji 16  
Bani Dhani Dharmdas Ji 40  
Bani Guru Ravidas JI 50  
Bani Mirabai JI 64  
Bani Surdas Ji 82  
Bani Goswami Tulsidas Ji 90  
Bani Sant Dadu Dayal Ji 104  
Bani Jagjivan Sahib Ji 122  
Bani Paltu Sahib Ji 138  
Bani Dariya Sahib JI (Bihar waale) 142  
Bani Sant Charandas JI 144  
Bani Sahjobai Ji 156  
Bani Malukdas JI 162  
Bani Dharnidas Ji 166  
Bani Garibdas Ji 174  
Bani Sheikh Farid Ji 176  
Kalaam Saa'een Bulleh Shah 180  
Kalaam Hazrat Sultan Bahu 206  
Bani Guru Nank Dev JI 212  
Bani Guru Amar Das Ji 218  
Bani Guru Ram Das JI 226  
Bani Guru Arjun Dev Ji 250  
Bani Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji 318  
Bani Guru Gobind Singh Ji 328  
Bani Tulsli Sahib JI 330  
Baani Soami Ji Maharj 340  
Endnotes 399  
Glossary 405  
Biblography 425  
Index of Transliterated First Lines 429  
Index of Translated First Lines 433  
Subject Index 437  
Addresses for Information and Books 445  
Books on Spirituality 451  

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