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A Wake Up Call (Beyond Concepts and Illusions)

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Item Code: NAM856
Author: Sabina Oberoi and Beverly Chapman
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788184664850
Pages: 167
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 190 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business


  Publishers Note ix
  First Words 1
  What is our Objective? 3
1 Our Present Position 5
  Words or action? 5
  Why did we ask for initiation? 8
  You have a living master 9
2 How Far Can Words Take Us? 11
  Prisoners of words 11
  Myths and metaphors 13
  Paradoxes 14
  Concepts 17
  Mud can Have many flavours 19
3 The Choice is Ours 21
  An 'expiry date' on concepts 21
  Truth is simple - we are not 24
  An individual choice 25
  Words, Concepts & Illusion 29
4 About Spirituality 31
  Illusion: Physical objects have spiritual power 31
  Illusion: Spirituality demands blind faith 35
  Illusion: Spirituality means morality so who needs meditation? 37
  Illusion: Spirituality can be measured by appearances 39
  Illusion: A Spiritual path should meet our social needs 40
5 About Initiation 43
  Illusion: Only four births after initiation 44
  Illusion: Our way of life can remain unchanged 47
  Illusion: No return to the animal kingdom 48
  Illusion: Hey! We need those guarantees! They help us! 50
  Illusion: Six months of meditation ensures enlightenment 52
6 About the Sangat 55
  Illusion: Satsangis are special, and non-satsangis are… 56
  Illusion: It's our duty to enforce Sant Mat values in the sangat 59
  Illusion: The RSSB sangat represents an 'ideal world' 61
  Illusion: Representatives are evolved souls 62
  Illusion: The master's close associates must be spiritually elevated 63
  Illusion: He or she is a very important person 66
7 About Darshan 71
  Illusion: Being closer means better darshan 72
  Illusion: Darshan on the screen is not real darshan 73
  Illusion: The more darshan we 'do' the more we 'get' from him 74
  Illusion: There's right way to do darshan 75
8 About Satsang 77
  Illusion: Attending satsang is mandatory 78
  Illusion: Attending satsang is enough 79
  Illusion: Satsangs Should be entertaining so they engage us 80
  Illusion: Some satsangs are 'good', some are bad' 82
  Illusion: Satsang speakers are elevated souls 85
9 About Seva 89
  Illusion: Physical seva can replace meditation 90
  Illusion: No common sense is required in seva 91
  Illusion: The tangible rewards of seva matter 93
  Illusion: Certain seva positions confer power and prestige 94
  Illusion: Seva needs us 97
10 About Meditation 101
  Illusion: We must make progress… now! 102
  Illusion: Progress means light and sound 103
  Illusion: Bhajan is not essential to meditation 106
  Illusion: Meditation is about getting result 107
11 About the Master 109
  Illusion: The master just waves a magic wand 109
  Illusion: The master does it all 112
  Illusion: A perfect living master should… 114
  Let's Get Real 119
12 The Mystery of the living Master 121
  Our beloved master - who is he? 122
  Trust 124
  Dancing on the edge of a sword 126
  Infinite is his freedom 128
13 A way of life to Be lived 131
  Living in obedience and surrender 132
  Living gracefully and cheerfully 133
  keeping a balance 135
  Taking refuge 137
  Loving him 137
14 The Mystic Path 141
  We are making a choice 142
  Meditation 143
  Getting real 145
  Last Words 149
  Glossary 151
  Books on This Science 153
  Addresses for Information and Books 155
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