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Who is Qualified to be a Guru?

Who is Qualified to be a Guru?
Item Code: NAH711
Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni
Publisher: Life Mission Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789384179380
Pages: 129
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 145 gms
About the Author

Swami Rajarshi Muni was born on11th February 1931 in Porbandar, in western Gujarat, in the princely lineage of the jadega rulers of Kutch. He received sannyas initiation in February 1971 and thereafter devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded Yoga sadhana of the khechari mudra expounded and practiced in the modern spiritual tradition of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiv, in which he is the present spiritual head. In 1993, in response to a spiritual calling he temporarily interrupted his self-imposed seclusion to undertake a worldwide campaign to spread the knowledge of Yoga and the moral, cultural and spiritual values of the Sanatan (eternal) Indian heritage. He resumed secluded sadhana in 2007 to complete his Yoga and establish the authenticity of the principle of the indestructible Divine Body, on which he has shed profound light from a position of eminent qualification based on personal practice and experience. He is an advanced yogi, a realized Master in the classic mould of Indian adepts, knower of the kundalini and master of the khechari mudra. The extraordinary heights he has attained in his Yoga practice establish him firmly as the latest addition to the lineage of siddhs (adepts) which has long embellished the Indian spiritual tradition.


There is no Gyan Without the Guru
1 Guru: The Inspiration of Indian Culture I
2 The Position of the Guru and the Origin of the Guru Tradition 2
3 Man's Special Privilege 3
4 Man's Principal Responsibility 3
5 Liberation: The Supreme Goal 4
6 How to Escape from the Rounds of 8.4 Million Species? 5
7 Destiny, Endeavour and Grace 8
8 Thoughts about Scripture and Guru 8
9 Liberation through True Knowledge (Gyan) 12
10 True Gyan is Born ofY6ga 12
11 In the Scriptures, the Mystery ofY6ga is a Secret 16
12. Significance of the Guru in the Success of Sddhana 17  
13 Origin and Meaning of the word 'Guru' 18
14 Significance of the Diksha Guru (the Guru who Confers Diksha/Initiation) 20
Categories of Guru
1 Who Can be Called a Guru? 22
2 The Guru Should be Brahmanishttha 23
3 Definition of Sad guru in Scripture 25
4 How to Recognize a True Guru? 29
5 Classification of the Guru According to Divinity 30
6 Divine Guru or Supreme Guru 30
7 Five Categories of Di vine Guru 31
8 God Himself Was the First Guru of the First Man 33
9 The Divine Guru is Very Rare 35
10 Why Does Divinity Decline Even in Lineages of Divine Gurus? 37
11 Traditional Knowledge Declines over Time 38
12 Measure of Divinity of Gurus 39
13 Siddha Guru 42
14 Astral Journeys of Siddha Gurus 44
15 Not Easy to Become a Siddha Guru 46
16 Yoga Guru 49
17 Sadhak Guru of the Nivritti Path 54
18 Sadhak Guru of the Pravritti Path 56
19 Dharma Propagation Guru 58
20 Inner Atma-Guru 62
21 Meaning of the Shloka "Gurur Brahma" 65
22 Necessity of the Above Gurus 68
23 Unnecessary Gurus 69
'Diksha Sanskar': The Rite of Initiation
1 Take Initiation from a Guru 71
2 Sadhana is Fruitless Without Diksha 72
3 What is Diksha 73
4 Importance of Diksha 74
5 Qualification to Receive Initiation 76
6 Secrecy of Initiation 77
7 Types of Diksha 80
8 Mantra Diksha is the Initial Diksha 81
9 The Second Diksha- Yoga Diksha 84
10 The Third Diksha - Shakti Diksha 85
11 The Fourth Diksha - Shambhavi Diksha 86
12 Anubandha (Bonding) a Prerequisite for the Path of Liberation 87
13 Fruit of Diksha 89
The Disciple's Qualification and Steadfastness
1 Disciple and the Qualification for Discipleship 94
2 How is Worthiness Gained? g4
3 Attributes of Worthiness 95
4 Reward According to Qualification 108
5 Disciple's Belief and Faith in the Guru 109
6. Exclusive Devotion to the Divine Guru and the Siddha Guru 109
7 Surrender to a Yog of Guru 111
8 Oneness with the Nivritti Margi Sadhak Guru 113
9. Objectivity towards the Siidhak Guru of Pravritti Marga 114
10 Independence towards the Dharma Propagation Guru 115
11 How to Receive Gyan from the Guru? 116
12 Sadguru 122

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