Women Obscenity

Women Obscenity

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Author: Ranjit dev Barman
Publisher: Sagnik Books
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8190333038
Pages: 255
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.8" X 7.3"
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23 years in business
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About the Book

The book "women Obscenity" is the fourth flower to the feet of the women of the civilization because, the author realizes that the woman is the object of the men's mood, motive and mentality as well as taste and nature what they gain as an inherent character or instinct.

Here the author tries to highlight how the women are made and kept naked from the dawn of civilization intentionally and how the humble women put their feet in the trap of male's conspiracy. In the name of religion, literature art, sculpture, cinema, fashion and design, calendar etc. the women are delicately and deliberately made naked.

The researcher feeling sorry very much, points out that how these men who are really impregnant with immense talent, qualities, potential and innumerable inherent aptitudes strip of the women in the creation are identically same yet they forget their mother, sister, wife and daughter who resemble those whom they draw, engrave, take shots removing the last covering like bra and pantie too.

At this juncture the researcher feels a hypothecacy being a male person who is carried by mother, loved by wife, helped by sister and respected by daughter, arranges a project realizing a deep concern, against the male's ugly trend what is nothing but a conspiracy or a trap in which is nothing but a conspiracy or a trap in which the women are about to step in always as they need money very much because, their pecuniary circumstances is very alarming one. The researcher also requests the political authorities also requests the political authorities to take immediate measures to stop as well as eradicate the women obscenity without fail.

In the book, the researcher appeals to the women of the world to pay heed to how they can get rid of this male's conspiracy and invokes them to agitation that forces the authority for taking positive steps for them.

About the Author

Ranjit Dev Barman, a dedicated new entrant in the realm of social thinking where he is about to tear all sorts of boundaries because the man is truly feminist who works for the women emancipation and women rights too. Perhaps is shy of coming forward to the media for having any kind of lime-light as he believes that according to his late father Ramani Ranjan Deb Barman, the blooming flower in the deserted as well as desolute thorny forests if it has fragrance, must be successful to receive the swarm of bees that must being the flower to lime light making its life fruitful by dint of pollination.

The author, coming of Tripura, also awaits the call from the Tripura State Government as if he boasts of the lashy green and hilly province where his forefathers sway the rods of the rule, but he is so unlucky that he is yet to see the state because his mother Late Charulata Devi gives birth to him at Habra in the District on North 24 Parganas in 1955 on the 1st day of January.

He teaches Banipur Mahila Mahavidyalaya. Ashoknagar Netaji Satavar-shiki Mahavidyalaya and Prosanta Chandra Mahavidyalaya at Bana-hooghly, Kolkata. Now he serves in the Netaji Subhas Open University at the Barasat Govt. College Study Center. He attends seminars and delivers lecture on the topic: "Social and Mental Awareness" at different places whenever he is asked.

He believes in one globe-theory that consists of the following criteria: (a) world must be one nation, (b) people must own one nationality, (c) one government where all people participate, (d) social stratification must be removed, (e) one fraternity relation binds everybody. He welcomes Rabindranath's democracy in which we are all kings under the rule of our king.

He welcomes equality in the context of Indian tradition, culture and glorious past because none can deny the soil and mentality that ensure the path of goal achievement otherwise imposition must be result of artificiality because, nudity in Indian culture and tradition is nothing but an imposition, according to the author, and shameful to the whole world as in the barbaric period men discover to wrap up body ensuring the modernity while today the civilization is very eager to slip back to the barbaric era. The author is fully reliable valid and objective in the arena of internationalism that must be of social values which can rear the oldest motto: "Incline to Bark" and resist the newest motto: "Decline to cloth".

He is completely reluctant to publicity rather in simple life style he continues his research oriented works. He is happy very much with his wife Namita Deb Barman (Biswas) who discovers the author's talent, and potentials and motivates him to create something and having such inspiration, cooperation and all sorts of auxilia from her tender heart is busy in writing in reticences.


The women in my life are the goal and ultimate destination where I like to reach finally because my beloved mother awaits me and I am sure one day I die but my mission remains incomplete so very quickly I am to go a few miles more before I sleep.

Since my boyhood, I find the male folks use the women as the vulgar words and they try to enjoy the women's breast mainly what I do not prefer at all rather I put some objection on it and even I fight with my friends as they once plunder an unmarried girl in the open field at night, what mainly makes me feminist and later my mother's role and my wife's participation, dedication, bounty and cooperation in my life help me to construct feminism in my heart. So, I decide in 2000 to do something for the women.

My mission is not to belittle the talent of the outstanding fellows who are dawn remembering personalities but I get astonished that during that period the orthodoxial learned men enjoy the classical writers writing that is drenched with women obscenity very much. At this juncture my protest that the women are never treated well by anybody else in the history of mankind because, wherever the women hold the highest post and rank yet they are the living object of the males jubilation and entertainment. So, I attempt to uphold the matter and endeavour to justify the women obscenity how pathetically the male dominated society is always ready to demolish the women putting off their garments before the eyes of the male folks unhesitatingly.

Naturally being a son, brother and husband I cannot tolerate to watch the women are naked whether living or on the canvas or in the celluloid film or on the screen and to stop it my mission is to write "Women Obscenity".

If I commit any mistake, please pardon me.-Ranjit Deb Barman

Pre-historic and Post-historic Period
2.Women Obscenity: Ancient Time18
3.Women Obscenity in the Indian Classical Literature36
4.Women Obscenity :
Medieval Period including 18th and 19th centuries
5.Women Obscenity: Modern Period117
6.Women Obscenity : Occidental Geography128
7.Women's attitude towards Women Obscenity199
8.Globelization of Women Obscentiy203
c.To US Ladies232
d.11-9-19 and Obscenity245
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