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Yoga Book For Doctors (A totally scientific, revolutionary approach Novel explanations on mechanism of action)

Yoga Book For Doctors (A totally scientific, revolutionary approach Novel explanations on mechanism of action)
Item Code: IDH447
Author: Dr. Prakash C. Malshe
Publisher: Antar Prakash Centre for Yoga, Haridwar
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8190329812
Pages: 112 (B & W Illus: 56)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.2" X 5.2
weight of the book: 228ms

Back of the Book

This book is written by a Doctor of Medicine, who is also a student of physiology and yoga at the same time. While the study of physiology has given the vision, the study and practice of yoga has given the insight. In fact the more you delve deeper in both these subjects the more you feel how complementary they are to each other.

For ages yoga has been considered a subject dependent on faith. The present book keeps away the mythical aspect attached to the practice of yoga and explains in clear physical terms the possible impact of regularly performing the yogic practices on human physiology. One can achieve parasympathetically dominated state which the modern cardiologists desire so much. One can lead a long; disease-free life and even in old age, remain self-dependent. One can even learn to undertake voluntary death which is without disease and which is painless-a technique to be used when one feels one has lived long enough.

The present work is primarily targeted towards ourselves -doctors; so that we can start deriving advantages of yogic practices for ourselves as well as for our patients. This book is also understandable by anyone having a working knowledge of biology acquired through reading of common articles published in popular magazines, more preferably of 10+2 level, and is of best se to medical students.

If it is able to stimulate research by physiologists in the field of Yoga the mission of the book will be said to be fulfilled.

About the Author

The author is M.D. (Medicine) from university of Indore and has worked in various highly reputed institutions such as Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Indore M.P. Anandpur Trust Charitable Hospital Disst. Guna M.P. & Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd; Hardwar as Medical Specialist & Assistant Chief Medical Officer. He is now practicing privately in Hardwar. Apart of these he has been teaching the students of the two ayurvedic colleges viz. Rishikul & Gurukul Govt. Ayurvedic Colleges of Hardwar.

His keen interest about yoga & its physiological aspect has inspired him to write this book.

He has learnt yoga from Revered Swami Adhyatmanandji of Divine Life Society. Rishikesh by attending yoga camp in 1986. Since then he has been doing regular practice of yoga at home. He visited Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala Near Pune (M.S.) in 1990 from where he obtained books of original scriptures and have been busy analyzing them in the light of the knowledge of modern Human Physiology.

His two books entitled ‘Yoga book for medical students’ and ‘How Yoga works’ are currently under publication.


Yoga practices have been in vogue for centuries in ancient India. Using them the practitioners of Yoga have lived well over 100 years and have maintained perfect health till the end.

In some exceptional instances they have even demonstrated to the world that voluntary, painless death is possible.

Today the world has awakened to the magic of yoga and the knowledge of yoga is spreading the world over. However, a question remains: Is there a way that a non-believer also can understand the basic physiological mechanisms involved in the yogic practices? Is it all metaphysical or just physical?

The present work is an effort to answer these questions. I believe that howsoever practices the asanas and pranayams as described will derive benefit out of them. It is purely physical-nothing metaphysical.

In this book, there are some facts and revelations regarding the mechanism of action of the yogic practices that are being revealed for the first time to the world. Some of them are so obvious they almost need no experimental proof: it is surprising how they have escaped attention so far.


1 Acknowledgment  
2 Dedication  
3 Message by Swami Adhyatmananda  
4 Introduction  
5 Prologue  
6 Poetic Translation of mantra 'Pashyema sharadah shatam' by Dr. Vishnu Dutt 'Rakesh'  
7 From Harrison's Textbook of Medicine  
8 My word  
  I. Normal Human Physiology 31
  II. Morning Prayer 37
  III. The preliminaries 39
  IV. The Asanas 43
  V. The Pranayams 67
  VI. Internal Cleansing processes 79
  VII. Creating parasympathetic dominance 85
  VIII. Application of yoga in disease-states 89
  IX. Hatha-Yoga as manipulator of nature 107
  Suggested research topics 111
  What we get 112

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