Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

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Author: Bharat Thakur
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8186685308
Pages: 119(B & W Illus: 55)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.9" X 5.9"
About the Book:

Once, there was a king who was unhappy despite having everything. He shared his frief with his ministers and told them to find nine wisest men in the kingdom. The ministers searched far and wide till they found the wise men. The King asked the wise men to create a ring which could ensure happiness. They expressed their inability to do so. The king became further depresssed on seeing no solution to his problem.

One of the wise men's son used to often visit a Sufi master in his quest for wisdom . When the child saw the king unhappy, he laughed. The court was dumbfounded when the child asked the king as to how could he expect a wise man to work under him? The child pointed out that wisdom could'nt be achieved with power; but comes with surrender . The king agreed and asked the child to sit on the throne, while he himself sat under the child's feet to seek his help.

Wisdom seemed to flow down from the child. The child asked for a normal ring and whispered something into the goldsmith's ears, standing nearby. A ring was crafted but it looked so usual that the king could not understand how it could solve all problems. Looking closely, the King saw four words etched on it- 'This too shall pass'. The moment the king read the words he realised that his problem indeed had been solved.

Similarly, ifyou are under stress, repeat this mantra: 'This too shall pass': and it shall. Beyond happiness and unhappiness, there is another world, called sahaj samadhi, -a state of constant bliss, which can be arrived at through the practice of yoga.

Most religions of the world are essentially based on belief systems; yoga is the only exception . It assumes nothing and it proceeds in a systematic and scientific manner. Your need not believe in it. All you have to do is to practise this system as a life experiment. Yoga, to start with, makes the body physically fit and helps the various systems function normally. And finally, makes you reach a state of mental and spiritual bliss that cannot be disturbed by any external phenomenon.

Yoga For Stress Relief explains how yoga can be practised to eliminate stress. By practising these simple and easy yogic techniques, the body and mind begin to work in harmony to make life healthy, happy and stress-free.

About the Author:

Bharat Thakur is an internationally acclaimed master of yoga with an extraordinary background that has found extensive place in the media including the Time magazine. He was chosen by his master, Sukhdev Brahmachari at the yong age of four to be taken to the Himalayas, where he lived for fourteen years. Under the guidance of his master, he studied yoga intensively and comprehensively including related area such as Ayurveda, tantra, and mantra. He also studied Sufism,Jainism, and Buddhism, and then returned from the Himalayas to embark into formal education. He completed his graduation and subsequently his post-graduation in exercise physiology and yoga.

Bharat Thakur lives in Delhi and travels throughout the world, teaching people thge ancient yogic meditation techniques that have helped to improve and change the lives of many in a powerful yet, subtle and unexpected manner.



  1. Understanding Stress
  2. The Physiology of Stress
  3. The Yogic Way of Life
  4. Essentials of Yogic Practice
  5. Pranayama
  6. Bandha
  7. Mudra
  8. Kriya
  9. Asana
  10. Meditation
  11. Principles of Being Stress-Free
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