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Yoga in The Workplace

Yoga in The Workplace
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Author: Shmeem Akthar
Publisher: Westland Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789380032825
Pages: 248 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.5 inch x 4.5 inch
weight of the books : 225 gms
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Who has the time for exercise? While research has shown that benefits from yoga range from curing ailments and improving muscle tone and flexibility to reducing stress and tension, today’s extended office hours, long commutes, and family obligations mean that not all of us can keep to a fitness schedule.

But, in Yoga in the Workplace, acclaimed yoga practitioner Shameem Akthar has come up with a simple and efficient way of using yoga practices at the work station, even as you work. These adapted yogic practices- which can be neatly integrated into the office environment- demand very little in terms of time, yet promise to infuse you with health, both mentally and physically. Although primarily developed for a workaholic who is committed to his or her cubicle, the book works just as well for a home-mark or a divan-loving grandparent. Even people who exercise regularly will find this book useful: studies have proven that exercise relegated entirely to one part of the rest of the day is spent largely in a passive manner. This book fills that lacuna. Clear, lucid instruction accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations make this book an effective companion for those of us who have to juggle several roles in a seamlessly.


About the Author

Shameem Akthar is a certified yogacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta center, Kerala. A columnist with several prestigious publications like Mid-day, India abroad, Rediff. Com, Savvy and Life positive, she teaches and holds workshops related to yogain Mumbai where shelives with her husband seisuresh Sivaswamy and daughter Jahnavi Sherif.



Ancient texts describe yoga as a union between the divine soul and the ordinary self. Today we know it simply as the coordination between our body and our mind. We no longer need to think of yoga as some thing exclusively by those who reside in the caves of the Himalayas. Our ancient yogis had created such a powerful tool that it could be, and is still being used effectively to deal with modern-day stress and strain, emanating from demanding jobs and hectic lifestyles.

Yoga teaches us the ability to delve deeper into our minds to examine our reactions to life's challenges. This clarity helps us take on the pounding of daily life, so that we are able to remain positive and optimistic, come whay may.

Stress is not just a create of the mind. Often, it is created by lifestyle changes: a sedentary job, excessive dependence on gadgets, continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation and artificial lighting, awkward meal timings, late or irregular hours of work, excessive travelling or committing, and even from one’s inability to allot time for exercise. All or any of these factors can wreak havoc on our health.

Taking all the above factors into consideration, my student shameem Akthar has come up with a simple and efficient way of using yogic practices wherever you are-at the work station or in your kitchen. This adapted yogic practice can be neatly integrated into your work and family environment. They demand very little in terms of time, yet promise to in fuse you with health, both mentally and physically.

I consider this book an effective companion for both the officer-goer and the home maker, it comes in handy for all those who have to juggle both these roles seamlessly in today’s times.




Acknowledgement VII
Foreword IX
Why Yoga At Work? 1
Sedentary Lifestyle=Ailments? 6
Ankle Angst 12
Turbo-Charge Your Toes 24
Shouldering It 34
Zap Chronic Fatigue 44
Fighting Fat 55
Leg Tone-Up 65
Spine Work 74
Defusing Acidity 84
Eye Care 94
Headache Relief 104
Beat Stress 114
Heart Health 125
Not so Sweet : Diabetes 136
Immune Booster 146
Recharging Uro-Genital System 156
Looking Good, Feeling Great 167
Yoga Fascial 173
Yogal Poise 184
More than Skin Deep 195
Body Tonic 207
Tummy Trimmer 217
How to Use this Book 226
Warm-up Chart 232
Practice Chart 234

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