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Yoga Psychology

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Author: Lal A. Singh
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788193539590
Pages: 140
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About the Book

Yoga or Indian psychology with applied-humanistic approach is as old as the 'code of conduct' (Dharma) in the land. It has been a great and persisting interest as the science of "Man" the measure of all things. Its expression had been the characteristic Indian search of Atma (self-realization) Atma Vidya or Atmanam-Viddhi (know thyself).

Yoga psychology which focuses on humanistic, cognitive, functional, intergrational, multidimensional, consciousness-centered [neither a physicalistic study of l's nor a normative study of 'ought but that of 'Becoming'] and supranormal-directed study.

Yoga psychology is a study of various states of consciousness. In early Upanishadic texts five state of consciousness suggested. These being : (1) Awakended conscious state, (ii) Half conscious state of dreams, (iii) Marginally conscious state of deep sleeps, (iv) State of disturbed conscious mind and (v) Supra-Conscious state.

As Indian Psychology is directely focussed on rapid growth of personality towards a positive end, It is not entering the pedantic discussions of sleep, dream or deviant states.


The western mind has grown peculiar prejudices towards Yoga-Prejudices that have their origin in some contemporary misconceptions about its nature and function. It has been treated, often, as a system of physical culture, or a school of religious practices. The modem intellectual holds that, neither it possesses a systematic approach, nor a scientific base; which is a grave fallacy.

The Indian approach towards the 'Proper Study of Mankind' has been treated as puritan, idealistic and supra conscious-directed one. The recent scientific progress has completely changed the face of the world and provides tremendous hopes ahead, yet, the assets of centuries of cognitive endeavours of highly evolved brains and 'poised' personalities of Indian soil, must not be labelled as sterile and meaningless; just because it is not following the current methodology, or semantics-moreover, when the scientific world is hesitant to touch any aspect of it, even with a pair of tongs.

In the march of the sciences, the progress of humanistic disciplines is lagging far behind, which has created a critical stage with respect to 'human condition' and social existence. It, rather, reflects the routine-laden myopic range of vision of the social scientist. The author faced various incompatible problems of modern psychology for years, which could be rediscovered in terms of Indian approach without negating the scientific fervour and attitude. This small volume is a collection of some of the papers submitted to various conferences and seminars. I feel highly indebted to some authors whose short quotations I have used occasionally.

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