You Are What You Eat: Its about how your body responds physically,  mentally and spiritually to your food habits

You Are What You Eat: Its about how your body responds physically, mentally and spiritually to your food habits

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Item Code: IDF802
Author: Tanushree Podder
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788122307726
Pages: 180 (B/W Figures:32)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 250 gm
From the Back of the Book:

Did you know that food could heal cure elevate moods improve memory make the brain sharper provide us with potent energy and fill us with vigour.

Food has been discovered to be the greatest natural pharmacy that is available to human beings.

The right food can help us perform to our peak capacity while the wrong food can lead us towards disease and ill health.

The ordinary cabbage and cauliflower could ward off the possibility of cancer, tomatoes can effectively take care of free radicals in today's environment and carrots can provide you with the essential beta-carotene to fight off many diseases. It is surprising how effectively food can alleviate most of our common ailments.

The mysteries of the power of food and the secrets of food elements have been unraveled so that you can use food for other benefits rather than just appeasing hunger.

About the Author:

She is a management graduate has specialized in Labour Laws and HR. Her thirst for knowledge led her to make forays into varied fields like beauty, Education, Vipassana, Pranic Healing and Yoga.

She is a freelance journalist who has for the past twenty years written more than 1000 articles and short stories for a range of national dailies and magazines on various subjects like human relationship, health, humour etc.

Her other books which have been well appreciated are: over 1000 Household Hints, Indian Cuisine, Beauty Solutions, Fit an Fine in Body & Mind, The Magic of Massage, Secrets of Happiness, Smart Memory, Youthful Forever and the Secret of Marital Bliss

Preface 7
1 The Role of Food in our Body 9
Food Philosophies 10
Some Macrobiotic Lifestyle Suggestion 16
Change Your Menu as Per the Season 19
The Ayurvedic Philosophy 22
Tibetan Dietary Therapy 27
Traditional Chinese Diet Therapy 28
The Increasing Shift Towards Vegetarianism 32
Healthful Soy 35
2 Foods That Heal 39
Juice Power 48
Recent research on Food Power 50
The Healing Power 57
3 Foods That Can Make Us More Intelligent 71
Memory And The Brain 72
What Are free Radicals 73
Memory Food 84
4 Foods That Elevate Our Moods 86
Dealing with Depression 89
Foods That De-stress 91
5 Unhealthy Food 94
Food and Allergy 121
6 The Anti-ageing food Plan 123
An Anti-ageing secret 125
The 12 top Anti-ageing Foods 130
7 The Yin And Yang Of Food 135
Foods to be Avoided 139
Special Diets 140
Low Triglyceride Diet 140
Low Cholesterol Diet 141
Five Foods for Better Health 145
Five Energy-draining Habits 147
Fruitful Facts 148
Food for Vitality and Vigour 154
Aphordisiac Foods 165
Table 1 173
Table 2 174
Table 3 175

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