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Your Birth Chart And The Sport You Should Play

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Author: Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma
Publisher: UBS Publishers’s Distributors Pvt.Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788174766274
Pages: 135
Cover: Paperback
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About The Book

The Olympic of the year 2008 at Beijing (China) has proved lucky for India. India is still much behind in the sports arena than countries like China, USA and many European countries. Well it never means that this large nation has dearth of capable persons. The need is to utilise the sacred science of Astrology, well in time, to discover the sports potential and then develop it in the right way.

This book by the famous author reveals the astrological techniques which could be utilised to discover and develop the right persons to become efficient sports persons who could bring India much fame and name.

The book defines significators for many sports items. And these are an essential tool for the right diagnosis of a birth chart.


About The Author

A full time astrologer for over a decade, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma has carved a niche for himself in this field. His predictions have been chronicled in leading newspapers, like Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Times of India, Tribune, Hind Samachar and Punjab Kesri. Besides providing astrological content to Hindustan Times on a regular basis, Dr. Sharma also answers general queries from the public everyday for the newspaper. He also contributes his weekly and birthday thoughts to the News India Group Publication and The South Asian Newspaper based in New York.

A familiar face on television, Dr. Sharma have regular programs on Star News, Zee Jagran, PTC Punjabi and PTC News. He has been invited occasionally by a number of television channels including Zee News, Aaj Tak, Sahara Samay and CNN for making various predictions. Di Sharma has received a number of awards for his contribution to the field of astrology, including the prestigious Best Vasti, Consultant 2008, Gem of India, Rashtriya Rattan Award, 2002 and the Pride of India Award. 2002 by the All India Achievers Conference. He has a number of books on astrology, gemology, Vastu, day-by-day predictions, dreams, etc. to his credit.



India is yet a developing country; it was a developing country even forty years ago. Therefore, the important question is, when will it be called a developed country?

I strongly believe that for India to become a fully developed country, it needs to boost up its education and sports fields.

After having written a book concerning education, I present to my readers this book titled ‘Your Birth Chart and the Sport You Should Play’.

There is an urgent need of such a book for two main reasons. Firstly, there are hardly any books dealing with this topic in an elaborate manner, and secondly, because I feel the science of astrology can be put to a more realistic use and good national and international level players can be discovered and developed.

The present book is a novel attempt towards receiving the lost glory of the sacred science of Vedic sr4ogy and putting it to practical use.

The author believes that his practical knowledge methods revealed through the pages of this humble will help discover and develop many potential sports persons, who will glorify the name of our country on the world’s sports map, in the years to come.



A few youngsters once approached Swami Vivekananda and asked him to teach them the Bhagvad Gita. Swami ji instead advised them to go and play football. He believed that if they gain more strength and became hale and hearty, they would be in a better position to appreciate the almighty lord Krishna and !‘is bold message, which he gave in the form of the bhagvad Gita.

Vivekananda believed that almost a third of human miseries were only because of physical weakness.

There is a saying in Urdu, ‘Himmate marda, madad-e-Khuda’, which literally means that if a man has strength then the man is akin to God. It is indeed a fact that only strong and healthy citizens can take —nation to glorious heights. Sports and exercise are, therefore, very important and need to be introduced an early stage in schools.

Regular physical exercise is very essential to charge the cells of a body and rejuvenate it. Sporty activities have many-fold advantages. Some sports call for physical strength like wrestling, running, swimming, etc., whereas sports like cricket, hockey, football, etc., utilise mental judgment and spontaneity, in addition to physical strength. Games like chess are purely based on concentration, judgment and strategic planning.

Sportsmanship is a great quality and discipline, a good sportsperson learns and this quality him or her to live a balanced life.

A true sportsperson puts in his or her best efforts and then forgets about the results. This lesson of sportsman spirit or keeping cool and remaining balanced even when facing defeat, is very important in order to learn the true art of living. In the great epic, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, in chapter 2, shaloka 47- Lord Krishna emphasises on our right to action only and not its fruits:

Sports and games are, therefore, an excellent way to develop physical and mental well-being. But everyone is not destined to excel in this field. It is the astrological make up of a person, which decides whether that person is fit to excel in a particular sport or game. Different types of sports require different criteria like physical strength, judgment, spontaneity of action, acumen, preplanning, strategic thinking, tact etc.

The aim of this humble book is to astrologically define different sports activities and determine the significant factors that play a pivotal role in making great sportsmen. A chart can be analyzed in order to access the interests, capabilities and potential of a budding sportsperson, so that the person can focus, on the development of inborn potential and gain excellence in a particular sports field. The book has 11 chapters. The first three chapters describe the role of planets, houses and constellations in determining the sports potential of a birth chart.

The fourth chapter titled ‘How to Judge a Chart for Sports Potential’, discusses in detail the strategies and methods to analyse a birth chart, in order to determine the level of its potential for sports activity.

Chapter five is devoted to the Sun Signs and their indications. The astrological significators of a variety of sports, games and track events are listed in the sixth chapter.

In our country, two sports, namely Cricket and Hockey are the most played games of all. Although, at present, it is cricket and not hockey, which is more opu1ar in India yet all Indians are proud of the excellence achieved by Indian players in the game of hockey during the period spanning 1928 to 1956. The next two chapters are devoted to these two sports viz. Cricket and Hockey.

Chapter nine carries an analysis of the birth charts of sports personalities. Chapter ten explains the concept of ‘Hora’, its determination and its possible utilisation for getting better results in certain sports.

The last chapter titled ‘Remedial Measures’ enlist techniques to strengthen weak planets and make the afflicted planets propitious in a birth chart.

I am hopeful that this humble work will prove to be helpful.

I also hope that my pioneering effort in relating effort and Astrology would prove fruitful and would be of help in shaping the future of our country in the Sports arena.




  Preface VII
  Introduction IX
Chapter 1: Plantes and Sports Potential 1
Chapter 2: Houses and Sports Potential 7
Chapter 3: Constellationsand Sports Potential 11
Chapter 4: How to Judge a Chart for Sports Potential? 27
Chapter 5: Sun Sign Indications 33
Chapter 6: Significators of Sports and Games 35
Chapter 7: Cricket- Our National Sport 40
Chapter 8: Hockey- Our Lost Glory 59
Chapter 9: Analysis of the Charts of various Sportspersons 66
Chapter 10: Can Hora be Utilized for Victory? 107
Chapter 11: Remedial Measures 113
  Index 119

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