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Zarathushtra (The History of First Prophet on Earth)

Zarathushtra (The History of First Prophet on Earth)
Item Code: NAW340
Author: Kety K. Dady Burhor
Publisher: Vakils, Feffer and Simons Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788184620528
Pages: 40 (Throughout Colored Illustrations)
Other Details: 11.00 X 9.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.22 kg

When I wished to tell the story of Zarathushtra to my grandsons Mishal, Ayaan and Armaan, I could not find material that was simple enough for them to understand and enjoy.

Therefore, I decided to write and illustrate this book for them and for children of all faiths to enjoy the wonderful story of the first Prophet on earth.

Most religions preach ‘Don’t do this’ or ‘Don’t do that’, but Zarathushtra preached three positive principles:

  1. Do think good thoughts.

  2. Do speak good words.

  3. Do good deeds.

Zarathushtra taught this path to truth and happiness about 8,000 to 8,500 years ago. The Holy Fire, which Zarathushtis respect and worship, is a symbol of the divine spark within us and we should keep it burning in our hearts forever. I hope that reading this book will kindle a fire of truth and goodness in the hearts of all children.


Mrs. Kety DadyBurjor has penned this book on the life of Prophet Zarathushtra. This book has been aimed at young children and has been written in the form presently popular with them. The language used is simple, with effective illustrations that not only draw the attention of the young minds but also help children grasp the correct understanding of the life of our Prophet Zarathushtra. A young child’s mind is very perceptive like a sponge. Therefore, it is very important that proper information is imparted to them. This will help the child understand and learn more about Prophet Zarathushtra and his religion as they grow up.

The author, Mrs. Kety DadyBurjor, is a retired teacher who taught English Language and Literature as well as Fine and Commercial Art. This rare combination has resulted in the production of this book. This book should find a place in every Zarathushti household.

I congratulate Mrs. Kety DadyBurjor for the same and wish her success in her future endeavours.


A group of Aryans settled in ancient Iran about 9,500 years ago. They were spiritually enlightened. They practised a religion called the Mazdayasni Din which worshipped good and hated evil. Amongst them was a group called the Devasyasnis, whose belief in good was not central to their existence. Out of fear and superstition they worshipped other deities, some of whom were evil. To become powerful, they offered blood sacrifices to please these evil gods. Slowly the Mazdayasnis were dominated by the evil Devasyasnis, who were ageressive and violent. Being a peaceful and spiritual people, the Mazdayasnis did not know how to retaliate. At their wits end, they prayed to their Creator to send them a saviour to rid the world of the evils spread by the Devasyasnis. Ahura Mazda heard their prayers, and with his council of Amesha Spentas and Yazads (arch angels and angels) decided to send them Zarathushtra, the divine child. Zarathushtra would grow up to be Ahura Mazda’s divinely appointed Ratu or spiritual messenger, and conquer evil. He would also enlighten the world about Ahura Mazda, the One True God.

Thus Zarathushtra was born. He was the first Prophet on earth.

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