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Find the perfect books for your child discover the joy of reading and learning!


Q1. What are some Hindi poems for children?


Children love learning and singing poems. Indeed, poems are an excellent way to strengthen a child’s memory and brain tissues. Check out the wonderful collection of Hindi poetry books at Exotic India: “गौरी ने पुस्तक जब खोली- Hindi Children's Poem” by Prabhat Kumar, “फूल खिले - Phool Khile (Poems For Children)” by Jaiprakash Bharti, “आओ मिलकर गाएँ - Let's Sing Together (Poems for Children)” published by Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, “नाच मेरी गुड़िया - Poems for Children” published by Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, “सच्चे मन के अच्छे बच्चे: Good Hearted Children (Children's Poetry-Collection)” by Gyan Prakash Piyush.


Q2. What is the best Hindi children's book of all time?


Today, getting your children to read Hindi story books is necessary to keep alive the roots and culture of India. These books not only help them learn a good vocabulary but also inspire them to think, act, and speak well. There are several Hindi books for children written by different authors and poets. But the top pick from the long list of children’s books is “एक दोस्त सांप: Ek Dost Saanp (A Story)” by Girija Rani Asthana. This book has beautiful pictures that captivate the minds of the kids and the characters of the story inspire them to learn good lessons.


Q3. How do I teach my 3-year-old to speak Hindi?


There are many methods of teaching your kid to speak Hindi. The first and foremost step is to introduce them to a Varnamala chart. This will help them learn the alphabet of the Hindi language that forms its basis. Make them learn at least 5 alphabets every day. The second effective method is to allow your kid to read Hindi story books and poems or watch Hindi cartoons and movies. This activity has a high potential for them to enhance their Hindi vocabulary. Last but not least, converse with your kid in Hindi whenever possible. This is the most effective way for them to learn Hindi as nobody can speak any language fluently without speaking it.


Q4. What are some good Hindi stories?


At Exotic India, you will find a vast and great collection of Hindi story books for children of every age group. Reading Hindi books can benefit children in various ways. It not only teaches them moral lessons but also develops their fine brain tissues. Learning the Hindi language becomes easy for them through these books at the same time. Some of the best Hindi story books at Exotic India are “बीनू भालू: Bean Bear (A Hindi Short Story Book)” by Walter Reuther and Jagdish Joshi, “एना की किताब: Anna's Book (A Hindi Short Story)” by Ravina Gandhi, Surendra Suman, and Subhadra Malvi, “पशु मेला: Pashu Mela (Collection of Hindi Short Stories)” by Sharmila Kantha.