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The Pristine Devi Kamadhenu
The Pristine Devi Kamadhenu A mystical creature of bovine predominance, Devi Kamadhenu is unique to Indian culture. She is a maternal Devi, fair and beauteous as Her youthful torso emerges from the forequarters of a sturdy young cow. As eclectic as She is, She has the vibrant tail of a peacock instead of the usual bovine aperture. The marble sculpture that you see on this page captures each such aspect of Devi Kamadhenu.

Interestingly, India has no idol or temple dedicated to Devi Kamadhenu. She is widely venerated in Her earthly embodiment as the cow, a gentle animal, eternally loving and giving of herself like a mother. She is Gaumata, the mother (‘mata’) cow (‘gau’). Zoom in on that tender face and the luscious breasts beneath layers of gold and diamond necklaces. Her bovine form is layered over with gracious plumage, the tail-end of which rises high in the air above the crown on Her head.

Upon a flat-top upturned lotus pedestal stands Devi Kamadhenu. Her gentle hooves tread upon a surface of marble, the roseate teats between them ever ready to lend nourishment to those who need it. The soft whiteness of the medium and the shraddha within the heart of the artisan serve well the theme of the composition. This Devi Kamadhenu murti would be an unusual addition to your space, be it either home or office.

Article of the Month
Understanding Dharma: The Four Authentic Sources
"The sources of Dharma have been systematically divided into four simple categories....This desisting from the prohibition is what constitutes the karma, leading to Dharma.....There are many Vedic Karmas which do not find mention directly in the Vedas but are found only in the Smritis....The Agnihotra mentioned above can be performed at any one of the three times....Lord Shiva drank the deadliest poison easily. However, if anybody else did the same, he would be reduced to ashes....However, this is the weakest source of Dharma out of the four."
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Quote of the Day
Water does not stick to a lotus leaf or a grain of mustard to the tip of an awl. Similarly, even though he may be married, one who does not cling to the pleasure of the senses, him would I call a Brahmin.
Buddha in the Dhammapada Atthakatha, Book V, Story 10