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Item Code: HP43
Water Color On Paper
7 x 10
A diagonal arrangement, an unusual subject and exceptional execution help this painting being termed unique. In most paintings, veena is an important part of the theme, but here it is the theme itself. A three dimensional object has been captured beautifully in a two dimensional medium. In its shape, position and manner of playing, this instrument corresponds exactly to the harp of Sumer.

The veena has three parts - sound board, neck and pillar. The semi circular body has more volume than weight. It extends into a long neck and curves in a graceful manner to end. The ball shaped addition to the pillar is for better sound effect. There are tuning knobs, two on each side. The strings are crowded close together and are attached to the neck with the help of pegs. The artist has painted each string carefully, separating one from the other. They are thin strings as the sound of thinner strings is richer in harmonics and more vigorous. When the string is plucked, the vibration results in sound. And the sound of veena music is mesmerizing.

The line is thin and unswerving; each one of them defined and imperative. Minimum color is used so as to let the beauty of the drawing take precedence. Shading inside the instrument as well as the green effect outside uplifts the veena into three dimensionality.

This description by Renu Rana.

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