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The Sound Of Devi Sarasvati’s Veena

The Sound Of Devi Sarasvati’s Veena
The monks of Nepal are known to have a way with the brush. Sharp, superfine lines. A vast palette of rich, soft colours. Singular subjects that are treated with a lot of shraddha, stemming from years of tapah (austerity) and svadhyaya (self-seeking). Such are the hallmarks of the Nepalese thangka, a truly substantial tradition whose fountainhead lies in the spiritual life of the Himalayas. The thangka you see on this page is a handpicked produce of this great tradition.

The Devi Sarasvati, in Her unsurpassable snow-coloured beauty, stands on the pistil of a full-bloom lotus. Her tall, slender frame is clad in pastel silks and sashes, set off by ample proportions of gold on Her bare skin. A roseate halo surrounds the five-spired crown on Her graciously tilted head. From the rim of the serrated aureole behind Her emerges a plethora of vines bearing otherworldly flowers in blue and peach. As She strums Her veena, She looks on with serenity at the cycle of dharma slowly progressing in the realms She governs.

The landscape that surrounds Her is the very picture of the idyllic Himalayan setting. Verdant mounds, snow-capped peaks, magnificently coloured clouds against an inimitable azure sky. Her fair vahana the swan, its gorgeous body reflecting the golden rays of the sun, is swimming in deep blue waters (note the deft brushstrokes that convey the swift motion of the descending waters).

Item Code: TH64
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 16 inch X 21 inch
Size with Brocade 30.5 inch X 48 inch

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