Chamaka Ghanam: All Round Prosperity (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

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Shri K. SureshLatha Audios, Chennai (2010)
From The Audio CD
Artist: Shri K. Suresh
Voice: K Gopal
Sound Engineer: S Kamal
Catlogue No: LA003/4
Format: Audio CD


1. Ganaanaantva
2. Agnaa Vishnu Sajoshasaa
3. Jystaincha May
4. Shancha May
5. Urkcha May
6. Ashmaacha May
7. Agnishcha May
8. Agum Shuscha May
9. Idhmashcha May
10. Agnishcha May
11. Garbhaashcha May
12. Ekaacha May
13. Idaa Deva Hoo

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