Echoes of The Spirit (Audio CD)

Echoes of The Spirit (Audio CD)

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Gentle ThunderNew Age Music(2005)52 Min.37 Sec.
About the CD

“This album is a celebration for all of us in recognising the spirit within, and for having the courage to listen as we go through life’s wonderful journey that sometimes tests us to the limit and makes us all the richer for having failed at times. And yet the outcome of our journey is assured for we will all make it safely home....that is the Great Spirit’s gift to all of us through our everlasting spirit. Sleep easy dear friends for the Great Spirit is kind and speaks softly to everyone.” – Gentle Thunder


2When Spirits Dream07.01
3Do I Know You?12.07
4Days Of Sherwood07.52
5Echoes Of The Spirit08.20
6Whispers From The Glen05.06
7Deja - vu07.53
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