Hamsafar (Audio CD)

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Prem JoshuaMusic Today (2009)54:06 Minutes
About the CD

A big thank you to all 14 musicians from eight different countries for their dedication and enthusiasm in getting this project realized and thanks to all other friends for their support and creative input especially to Riccardo Manzi, Fabio Lazzarin, Samajo Okada, Dholak Prabhu, Suvarna, Satyam Sandhan and Sitar Maestro Ustad Usman Khan.

All music written by Prem Joshua, except Mango Rain written by Joshua/sugisaka/Vlote and Saki written by Vyas/Joshua Recorded at:
Moghul Garden Studio: Poona, India
Soundstudio Carrotto, Toscana, Italy
Cha Cha Sound Studio Munich Germany

Produced by Prem Joshua
Mixed at Cha Cha by Rishi Vlote and Prem Joshua

Hamsafar is a poetic expression for fellow traveler in Urdu an ancient language spoken in India and Pakistan. Dedicated to Osho and all fellow travelers on the journey within.

Creative direction Bhikkhu
Art Director: Waduda Paradiso
Design; Shivananda
Cover Photo: Komalart, Komala M.C. Jaquier Falquiters CH – 1820 Veytaux.

Hamsafar is the meeting of multi instrumentalist Prem Joshua with 14 musicians from India Europe and Japan – soprano saxophone soaring flutes and spacious keyboards melting with the magical ethnic sounds and haunting rhythms of the deserts bazaars and gardens of the east.

1Moughul Gardens 08:13
2 Mango Rain07:11
3 Deccan Queen 06:08
4 Darbari 02:45
5 Koregaon Morning 05:09
6 Saki06:48
7Bazaar Rumours 05:50
8 That Silent Place04:34
9Return of the Mystics 04:24
10 Rickshaw To Paradise02:15
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