Healing Nature Revel in the Lap of Mother Nature By Llewellyn (Audio CD)

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LlewellynTimes Music (2009)
From the CD :

Healing Nature

Nature- the flora and the fauna: the birds and the animals; the plants and the mountains; the forests and the dry lands; the calm and silent sounds; the loud and clear sounds;
Sounds in the vicinity; and sounds from a distant land. It is these sounds that we yearn to hear which can be possible only by visiting places of scenic beauty. However, now with this album, these healing sounds cab be heard in our very living rooms or offices. This is an album that comprises live recorded sounds from different parts of the world to provide a soothing, calm and refreshing way to relax and elevate one’s mood. The chirping of birds, ringing of chimes, sounds made by animals in an exotic jungle, early morning choir in a church near an English garden enliven the ambience and make you feel one with nature.


With one million albums of his music sold worldwide, Llewellyn is a highly respected recording artist. His original Reiki Album achieved Silver Record Status in the UK and continues today to be one of Britain’s top selling healing albums.

As well as his healing music, Llewellyn is also known for his unique uplifting and more mainstream work. With his singing partner Juliana, they have been likened to Enya and Clannad and Earth Angel is one of the top selling albums ever.

How to use this CD

This CD is designed basically for mood elevation.
It is perfect for self treatment as it focuses on healing with natural sounds.
It consists of total 8 tracks that explore the healing abilities of live recorded natural sounds such as soothing wind chimes, soft chirping of birds, the bustle of wild animals in a jungle etc.
It also relaxes the mind and delivers positive vibrations to the mind and body.

It plays for approximately 60 minutes and can be used to provide mental relaxation to the listener.
It can be used in a therapy room, or anywhere else where relaxation is required.

1. Cathedral Choir Gardens
2. English Country Garden
3. Tibetan Healing Sounds
4. Soothing Wind Chimes
5. Tranquil Birdsong
6. Exotic Jungle
7. Rainforest Reverie
8. Moonlit Forest

All tracks assembled and recorded by Llewellyn, Mastered by Eventide media Craft, Uk.

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