Mudra: Prem Joshua (Audio CD)

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Prem JoshuaMusic Today (2000)67:59 Minutes
From the CD

Mudra means "Hand Gestures" in Sanskrit. Mudras are used in Indian traditional dance forms and as symbols of energies in ancient vedic rituals. Mudras- just like music- are much more powerful than words, they not only express a particular meaning, but directly bring forth that energy.

One night in early 1998, I remember playing live music for a trance-dance event in India, one of those nights where playing music does a small miracle without any warning-transporting dancers and musicians into another space- into the moment.

I remember feeling so fresh and grateful after the experience. Amongst the musicians was a young dutch keyboard-player named Maneesh de moor, that's the day when the idea for this album got born- a crossroad between the two cultures I was living in- the fascinating years I have spent exploring Indian raga music, converging with the sounds of modern Western music- Elements of trance, HipHop, Ambient etc... Shortly after- the whole of April 98 we met in an old farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy, to celebrate the early spring by creating this music. In spite of all our hi-tec recording equipments we enjoyed simple life of chopping wood and fetching water from the well and keeping the house warm with woodfires.

Prem Joshua

1Lahore Connection - Radio Mix (The Namaskar Mudra) 05:08
2 Wild Ghunghu I (The Fire Mudra)05:27
3 Shiva Moon I (The Cresent Moon Mudra)07:19
4 Shiva Moon II (The Ocean Mudra)03:05
5 Darbari N.Y.C. (The Merging Mudra)05:49
6 Wild Ghunghu II (The Sun Mudra)05:18
7 Lahore Connection - Ethno Mix (The Lotus Mudra)08:33
8 Road To Solaia (The Heart Mudra)05:45
9 Saffron Dreams (The Night Mudra)05:02
10 Banyan Tales (The Tree Mudra)12:57
Total Time:67:59

Mudra combines the magic and authenticity of ancient exotic instruments like Bambook Flutes, Sitar and Santoor with modern grooves. A very danceable, alive and trancey journey.

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