Music To Awaken Superconsciousness: Experience Inner Peace, Intuitive Guidance and Higher Awareness (Audio CD)

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Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters) New Age Music65:13 Minutes
About the CD

What is Superconsciousness
We have all experienced our subconscious minds in our sleep dreams and through our unconscious thoughts and emotions. And of course we’re a;; intimately familiar with the normal conscious state of awareness from which we go about our daily lives. But there is a third less well known state of awareness the super conscious. The hidden mechanism at work behind intuition spiritual and physical healing successful problem solving and finding deep lasting joy supperconscious awareness is the missed link to living richer more meaningful lives.

Though many of us have experienced fleeting moments of raised consciousness and enlightenment few know how to purposely enter such an exalted state. The music on this album is specifically designed to help us access this state successfully and regularly and help us maximize its beneficial effects. Through superconsciousness each of us can feel inner peace tap into our wellspring of creativity unlock intuitive guidance and hear the silent voice of our souls.

How to use this Recording
Flexible in its design music to Awaken superconsciousness can be used in several different ways.

It can be played like any other album as beautiful background music driving music or as enjoyable listening music.

But there is a deeper more dynamic way to use this album as a tool for spiritual growth. Each piece of music has been composed and recorded to help you develop specific qualities needed to access super consciousness sequenced to follow the universal stages of our spiritual journey.

The album can be listened to sequentially from start to finish or you can listen to one or two songs repetitively to better concentrate on developing needs quality in yourself. Because you have purchased this album on compact Disc, you may also be able to program your CD player to automatically repeat an individual track or create your own customized sequences of tracks that play each song in the order you prefer.

About the Composer
A meditator and spiritual teacher for over 50 years J. Donald walters is widely considered one of the foremost living experts on meditation yoga and spiritual practice. Walters is the founder of Ananda a worldwide network of spiritual communities based on the yoga practices and philosophy of the great Indian sage Paramhansa Yogananda.

J. Donald walter’s books and music have sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and are translated into 22 languages Walters has composed over 300 pieces of music including the Mystic harp and mystic Harp 2 both performed by the famed Irish Harpist Derek Bell of the Grammy Award winning group. The Chieftains.

His best selling books include meditation for starters. The path affirmation for self healing money magnetism and the secrets books series. Walters is also the founder of Ananda yoga and the expanding light yoga and meditation retreat in Northern California one of the best known and most popular retreats in America.

More Than Just Beautiful Music
Music to Awaken Superconsciousness will change your life. The hidden mechanism at work behind intuition spiritual and physical healing successful problem solving and finding deep lasting joy richer more meaningful lives. Each of the twenty three instrumental selections on this album expresses a different aspect of superconsciousness helping you to more easily access this state of higher awareness.

Detailed instruction in the liner notes will allow to actively use each selection to feel the many benefits of superconscious awareness or you can simple use this album as background music for relaxation and meditation.

Keyboards harp cello, violin, tamboura and other instruments combine to created a lush beautiful and utterly enchanting listening experience that will leave you feeling relaxed uplifted and inspired.

1Life is an Adventure in Self Awakening 4:01
2The Land of Mystery2:17
3Aum 4:33
4The Land of Mystery:50
5Gayatri Mantra4:22
6The Land of Mystery1:40
7When Thyself with Shining foot Shall pass 4:20
8The Land of Mystery1:28
9Home’s where the heart is2:55
10The Land of Mystery 1:13
11Brave were the people 3:02
12The Land of Mystery2:58
13Oh come with Old Khayyam5:25
14The Land of Mystery2:10
15See all as your greater self 6:35
16The Land of Mystery1:27
17Make Me one with thee2:55
18The Land of Mystery:14
20The Land of Mystery:35
21I Am the Joy 4:22
22The Land of Mystery1:52
23Becoming the vast Sea of Happiness and Joy 5:00
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