Reiki (Audio CD)

Reiki (Audio CD)

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Vale Entertainment (2007)
About The CD
Compassion, the urge to help others in suffering and desire to develop a disease free world are the roots of Reiki. The energy is used makes one feel is natural and unlimited. So is music, it is spontaneous and never ending. When Reiki are combined with music, the feelings are heightened.

The universal acceptance of Reiki has opened up new vistas in healing and helping others to overcome disease. Reiki helps releasing of tensions and positively influences moods leading to emotional relief. These Music tracks can provides a background for breathing exercises giving serenity, peace and leading one to Garden of Eden.

Vale music offers to this Audio CD to create southing ambience in Reiki Sessions.

1.Emotional Relief
2. Maintenance For Mind
3. Releasing The Tension
4. Steady Breathing
5. Silent States
6. Garden Of Eden
7. Positive Influence
8. Serenity
9. Embracing Peace
10. Managing Moods
11. Shangri - Las
12. Hypnotic Sleep
13. Oceans Of Calm
14. Quiet
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