The Seeking: Seeking Spiritual Truths Over Three Days with Ramesh Balsekar (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

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Ramesh Balsekar Yogi Impressions (2009)3 Hours 57 Minutes
About the CD

Seeking Spiritual truths over three days with Ramesh Balsekar

Is there any such thing as free will?
Is everything in life predetermined?
Does God Play dice with the universe?

Questions that intrigue seekers of the truth are answered with great insight sincere earnestness and absolute clarity in Ramesh’s typical free flowing dialogues, spiced with his delightful good humor during the morning satsangs or meetings with visitors from all over the world.

Through his teachings Ramesh exposes the sense of personal doership as the root cause of all suffering. He describes how the process of this simple understanding can lift the burden of a life of struggle and the peace and tranquility that can arise when one learns to accept totally what life offers at any given moment with grace and ease.

When asked how long it takes to grasp this understanding Ramesh answered Three days, Three Days!” so here is a taste of a modern sage’s daily talks over three days with visitors at this residence in Mumbai.

Ramesh S. Balsekar
Ramesh S. Balsekar is the author of over twenty books and is regarded a Master of the Indian Philosophy of Advaita. His teaching has a unique focus on what we all have to deal with in our day to day living. He says that whether we know it or not what we most want is to be anchored in peace and harmony in our daily living.

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