Life-Giving Tree With Lamps Within The Canopy

Life-Giving Tree With Lamps Within The Canopy

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The tree occupies pride of place in Indian culture. It stands for sattvik stability and an infinitely loving and giving nature. It is a life-giving, mother-like entity, the theme of choice for painters and sculptors from India. The sculpture that you see on this page is of such a life-giving tree. While it has very little to do with Buddhist iconography (the importance of the Bodhi tree) or, for that matter, any iconography, it is hands-down a work of great shraddha (roughly translated to devotion).
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Brass Statue
36.50 inch Height X 24.50 inch Width x 3.50 inch Depth
9.40 kg

It is a tall, slender-stemmed number. Zoom in on the naked section of the shoot to view the lifelike, organic engravings made against the brass, and the stubs of branches emerging from its surface. The upper half of the shoot branches out into long, curvaceous, willowy limbs that lend themselves to a perfectly symmetrical canopy. The canopy is composed of a luxuriant proportion of leaf and flower, each of which has been sculpted with as much detail as with finesse of scale. There are birds nestling amidst them, in addition to which are strategically positioned dias. Lighting them up in the evenings would be sure to add to the glamour of your home.

At the other end of the circular canopy is a mound of earth. Substantial roots boring into its thick depths, in pursuit of life and nourishment. With the complex, lifelike engravings seen here, this section of the composition is another hallmark of the sculptor’s penchant for texture.

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