Bharatanatyam Traditional Jewelry Set

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Jewellery connoisseurs suggest that the royal families of South India donated their ornaments to temple dancers, where this jewellery of the queens became an integral part of their attire. This is how Kemp Jewellery became a popular part of the fashion of the South and the rest of India- as the distinguished ornament worn by the Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancers. The name ‘Kemp’ is derived from the red colour, which is seen in the exquisite stone decoration of these ornaments in abundance. Here we have for you, a complete set of the traditional Kemp Jewellery- style the whole set or choose a statement piece to enhance your ethnic Indian look.

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Item Code: LDA888
Dimensions 12.5 inch Lenght
Weight: 600 gm

Long Necklace - 12.5  inch Length 

Necklace - 5  inch Length

Earrings - 2.3 inch Height

kamarband - 12  inch Length

Juda Pin - 2.2 Diameter

Baju Band - 4.8 inch Length

Matha Patti - 8 inch Length

Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
100% Made in India
100% Made in India
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23 years in business

a) The Manga Malai or the long necklace with its beautiful peacock motif and red-green gemstones, bordered by pearls looks exquisite. 

b) The Attigai (necklace worn close to the neck) is equally marvellous with its golden crescent moon design and red stones that encircle a tiny but charming green stone in the middle.

c) The Matha Patti (hair ornament) also follows the crescent moon designs and will look absolutely gorgeous while it adorns your forehead and your luscious locks, tied in a gorgeous jooda (hair bun).

d) Completing his of its kind jewellery collection are earrings, the Surya and Chandra Pirai (hairpins shaped like the sun and the moon), natha (nose ring), Bullaku (septum ring) and a Rakodi (to be worn at the centre of the hair bun in the back).

All the pieces follow the traditional appearance of the ethnic Kemp jewellery, making this a prized collection for any lover of Indian ornaments.


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