Cabochon Rainbow Moonstone Studded Bracelet

Cabochon Rainbow Moonstone Studded Bracelet

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Chandra is the Hindu deity of the moon. As a lunar god, he is one of the nine cosmic beings (planets) in the Navagraha. This is the name of the nine celestial bodies considered as deities of Hinduism and astrology. Part of this nine-piece group is Surya (the Sun) and the other planet counterparts in Hindusim such as Mangala (Mars), Shukra (Venus) and more.

Chandra is also sometimes called Indu which translates to Bright Drop. Embodying the brightest drop from the moon is this Cabochon Rainbow Moonstone Studded bracelet. Indians often wear a lot of jewelry. These pieces are worn on special occasions, as a status symbol, and even as a way to enhance one’s appearance. But dig a deep deeper and some will find the need to wear jewelry as a means to keep in touch with their spiritual self. Traditionally, women who wear bracelets stack them up and make command attention just by the sound of bracelets clanking together. This moonstone studded bracelet can do just that: let people know you’re in the room in style. This necklace features a beautiful set of cabochon gemstones laid on top of sterling silver bases with a toggle clasp. It captures Chandra’s charm as the lunar deity.

One fun narrative also speaks of Ganesha, the Hindu God with an elephant head trips on a snake one night and caused him to spill the contents of his stomach. The moon witnessed this and kept on laughing angering Ganesha who then broke one of his tusks and flung it to the moon, cursing the celestial body never to be whole again. The moon now has phases, only allowed to whole briefly, and even at its full phase, it bears the craters left by Ganesha’s wrath. This bracelet holds 7 rounds of moonstones, which can signify the phases of the moon (minus the full moon).

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