Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings


There is nothing better than this bunch of stunning light pink earrings having small circular beads that hang freely, while intermingled on a silver colored chain of small rings. Fashioned with the precious Rose quartz gemstone having a sterling silver border at the edge of each bead to highlight its individualistic shape, size and beauty.

Rose quartz has a translucent appearance with a vitreous lustre, popular for its quality of building relationships and unconditional love, hence also called love stone. It is majorly used as a jewellery gemstone in a gentle pink essence and a crystal of divine loving energy, harmony and contentment.

Topped with a smooth and long piercing hook, apart from having powerful and significant values, these earrings are also a major attraction to the eyes. Its simplicity and modernity together enhance its beauty and soberness. These can be worn with all kinds of dresses, whether its an ethnic suit and saree or a western style statement of gowns or one pieces.

Item Code: JBS23
Sterling Silver
1.5" Height
20 gm
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