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SaurabhBharara once again bewitches the spectators with his spectacular and surreal art. Being one of his abstract paintings, this piece encapsulates a silhouette of a black man which is perfectly carved to show his muscles and curves which enhance his athletic mien. His protruding ears contrasts his scarlet red underpants as the silhouetted man turns around to face the spectators.

The background of this painting is one of the vibrant and beautiful types. It is emblazoned with hundreds of circular badge like designs which are imprinted with different designs that range from the solitaire symbols to the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The English Alphabets are also embellished on some of the badges along with the numbers predominantly 6s and 9s. Be it spades, diamonds, stars or moons the backdrop cover all the signs and symbols that are hued in exotic colors of pink, blue, red and green.

This painting characterizes the ambitions of all average youngsters who want to excel in education, health and athletics. Not only does it relate to the onlooker academically but artistically too as the fine brush strokes represents the expertise of the artist making this painting one of the lost sought for pieces of art.

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Item Code: OS94
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Saurabh Bharara
24.0 inch X 36.0 inch

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