At the Jharoka with Peacock

At the Jharoka with Peacock

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The contemporary artists of the subcontinent have always proved their expertise by bringing an ancient element in their work. In this painting, the artist captures a tanned golden complexioned with wife round eyes and sharp angled eyebrows. Her long sleek nose extends to reveal her twitched watermelon pink lips that bite over her fingers which take hold of her translucent royal yellow dupatta that drapes over her frizzy voluminous brown hair.

Her hands are adorned with golden beaded bracelets and bangles along with elegant gem studded rings that festoon her well groomed fingers. She wears a wooden choker and a golden pendant that accompanies it with a beaded chain. She wears a pearl opera embedded with morganite that beautifully drops over her protruding breasts which are clothed in a dusty baby blue crop top that reveals her deep cleavage and navel.

The lady stands at a green tinted jharoka that is contrasted by the jade tinged background. The light green pillars are wrapped in lush green creepers and lovely jasmine and white roses that beautify the scene. The picturesque moment is made more bewitching with the addition of a wonderful blue peacock and a chubby purple bird that make this painting a perfect magical blend which attracts thousands of viewers with its beauty and charm.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
23 inch X 32 inch
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